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Apple introduced A16 Bionic, the neural network generated a trailer for the film and other news from the world of AI


Aug 8, 2022

Apple introduced A16 Bionic, the neural network generated a trailer for the film and other news from the world of AI

We strive to inform readers not only about events in the Bitcoin industry, but also to talk about what is happening in related technological spheres-cybersecurity in the world of artificial intelligence (AI).

Forklog Ai has collected the most important news from the world of AI over the past week.

  • Apple introduced the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with the A16 Bionic processor.
  • NVIDIA announces the line of video cards GeForce RTX 4000 episodes.
  • Xiaomi introduced a kitchen robot.
  • AI restored the lost picture of Vincent Van Gogh.
  • Scientists have applied AI to understand the language of animals.
  • The most important transactions in the field of AI.

Apple introduced the iPhone 14 Pro with the A16 Bionic processor

Apple introduced the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with a new A16 Bionic processor.

iPhone 14. Data: Apple.

The chip contains a 16-core neuroprocessor, which processes up to 17 billion operations per second, as well as a 5-core video accelerator. According to company representatives, A16 Bionic is 40% more producing more than competitors.

Smartphones are equipped with new photosensors and Super Retina XDR display up to 2000 threads and update frequency up to 120 Hz. Faceid recognition system sensors are located in the new neckline Dynamic Island.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 PLUS are built on the 2021 A15 Bionic processor, but they received new photosensors.

Apple also announced a number of functions, among which automatic recognition of car accidents using a smartphone or smart watches.

In addition, the company introduced new Apple Watch and Airpods Pro 2.

New items will go on sale within two weeks. The cost of smartphones varies from $ 799 to $ 1599, Apple Watch – from $ 249 to $ 799, and AirPods Pro 2 – $ 249.

NVIDIA grinded GeForce RTX 40

On September 20, 2022, the head of the NVIDIA company will hold a special report by GeForce Beond at a GTC 2022 GPU technology conference.

It is expected that the company will show the GEFORCE RTX 40 video cards with a new architecture under the code name LoveLace.

Google will present Pixel 7 with a new Tensor processor

On October 6, 2022, Google will hold a Made By Google conference dedicated to gadgets.

At the event, technical gigant will present Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones, Pixel Watch smart watches and new Nest smart home devices. According to the company, all gadgets shown at the conference will immediately appear on sale.

In the announcement of the conference, Google also confirmed that the Pixel 7 smartphones will be equipped with the next generation of Tensor G2.

Xiaomi introduced the Povar robot

Xiaomi introduced the Mijia Cooking Robot kitchen robot with artificial intelligence.

The device has 35 different functions – from grinding spices to frying food. The cooking process controls the Cookingiot AILGITM, which automatically calculates the temperature and the required time.

The robot is equipped with a touch screen where more than 200 recipes are available to users. Also, the device can be controlled using voice commands.

The cost of https://gagarin.news/news/what-is-a-mempool/ Mijia Cooking Robot is $ 869 by prior order. While the device is available in China.

Media: US restrictions will not harm the manufacturers of robokars in China

Licensed restrictions on the US government for export of AI-Chips will not harm Chinese manufacturers of Robokars.

According to CNBC, many electric vehicles in the PRC use NVIDIA Drive Orin and Xavier processors for driver assistance systems. However, the new restrictions on the US authorities relate to A100 and H100 chips used for supercomputers and artificial intelligence.

According to the sources of the publication related to Xavier and ORIN, there are no restrictions, and manufacturers like XPENG or NIO will be able to purchase these processors. However, in the future, American suppliers of chips for AI and Autonomous Driving can be subjected to “careful control”, they added.

Opinion: Artificial AI threatens humanity with complete extinction

The historian and philosopher Emil Torres believes that artificial intelligence threatens humanity with complete extinction.

According to him, people should be concerned about the appearance of an artificial superinTelelex. The strength of such a technology will significantly surpass the cognitive abilities of mankind and can become the main cause of extinction due to the impossibility of monitoring its actions, the scientist believes.

Torres added that the studies of AI must slow down or even suspend. If scientists do not do this, the decision should be made by the government, he said.

Startup created the marketplace of text requests for images generators

Promptbase has launched the marketplace of text requests for images generators.

The platform allows engineers to sell tips that will help those who want to create pictures and reproduce a certain artistic style or subject using AI-Algorithms. The site presents requests for Midjourney, Dall-E and other GAN models.

The cost of tips is from $ 2 to $ 5 per paragraph.

Stable Diffusion learned to generate video

Enthusiast created a video generator on the text of Stable Diffusion Video. The algorithm is based on the program code of the andrey andrey Karpati.

Engineers discovered a work under layers of “still life with meadow flowers and roses”. They have developed algorithms to restore the contour of silhouettes according to X -ray data and imitation of the artist style. To print ready-made work, enthusiasts used a 3D printer.

Scientists have applied AI to understand the language of animals

Engineers from the Max Society Institute for the Society of Max Planck used artificial intelligence to understand the speech of animals.

Researchers using AI-Algorithm analyzed 36,000 records of “tweeting” of naked diggers from seven colonies. According to them, a huge amount of social information is hidden in this daily “conversation”.

Scientists revealed that all rodents have their own voice handwriting, and each colony has a special dialect that was transmitted from generation to generation. Also, during social instability, including the overthrow and replacement of the queen, a new style of adverbs appeared.

AI use to generate a film

German enthusiast Fabian Shtelzer involves the neural network to generate a full -length film “Salt”. The author published a short trailer.

While working on the film, the Shtelzer used systems like Dall-E 2 and Midjourney. The amateur director also involved a dipper to create the effect of faces and voice generator.

The plot “salt” rotates around a mysterious substance similar to salt. The process turns out that it has an alien origin with ominous plans.

The most important transactions from the field of AI in the last week

From September 4 to 10, 2022, startups in the field of artificial intelligence attracted over $ 378 million. We give the most interesting transactions.

  • Varjo attracted $ 40 million to the development of equipment and integrated software for virtual and augmented reality.
  • The creators of the voice and assistants to automate customer service in Polyai call centers received $ 40 million.
  • Arize AI raised $ 38 million for the development of Mlops platforms for enterprises.
  • Hebbia attracted $ 30 million to create a team of engineers for the development of search and tools.
  • The creators of the platform for the design and development of UIFLow’s applications raised $ 15 million.

Also on FORKLOG:

  • META has developed AI for “reading thoughts”.
  • Ukraine has joined the EU agreement on the financing of artificial intelligence and supercomputers.
  • The White House revealed the details of the Chips Law.
  • The US Army received 5,000 AR harp on the basis of Hololens 2.
  • The White House presented the principles of regulating technical gigantisms.

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