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Binance Bitcoin Torge announced Aptos listing


Sep 29, 2022

Binance Bitcoin Torge announced Aptos listing

Binance cryptocurrency exchange South Korea continues has announced the Aptos (APT) leaflet of the former employees of META Corporation.

The platform has already opened the possibility of deposits. Trade in pairs APT/BTC, APT/Busd and APT/USDT will begin on a spare site on October 19.

FTX and Coinbase were also announced about the listing of the project token.

The venture units of the above exchanges invested in the Aptos Labs startup standing for the development of the blockchain. In March 2022, the company attracted $ 200 million, in July it closed the round of financing of the series A for $ 150 million.

Binance Labs separately supported the project as a strategic partner.

On October 17, the Aptos Labs team announced the launch of the main.

The protocol uses the Move programming language developed in META for a closed Diem project (earlier Libra). The network is positioned as a scalable blockchain-oriented blockchain with original mechanisms of parallel execution of Block-STM smart control and Aptosbft consensus.

However, the analyst under the pseudonym Paradigm Engineer #420 noticed that the launched mainnet has real throughput below than Bitcoin or Ethereum. Instead of the declared 100,000 TPS only 4-6 TPS.

The expert guarded the tokenomics of the project. From a total issue of 1 billion APT 80% is controlled by a team. Almost all coins were distributed through closed tokens. Since APTOS did not conduct any airrodov, retail users have the opportunity to get an asset only through the exchange.

“You will be thrown. The only game that I see in Aptos is fast pharmacing and dumps, ”the analyst believes.

He is sure that in the long run, the blockchain will lose to another project based on Move – Sui. In his opinion, the Aptos team understands this and hurries with the launch of the main network.

Recall that the developers of Aptos integrated blockchain with a cross-protocol Layerzero.

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