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Aug 2, 2022


Parents of the ex-head of the FTX and Alameda Research Sam Bankman-Frida, he himself and top managers of organizations became the owners of at least 19 premium real estate objects worth $ 121 million. This follows from the documents that were accessed in Reuters.

WSJ: Binance refused to save Genesis Trading

Binance Bitcoin-Torge will not invest in Genesis Trading against the background of searching for an emergency funding platform in the amount of $ 1 billion. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Zipmex asked to extend the moratorium on protection against creditors

The Thai cryptocurrency exchange of Zipmex has submitted to the Singapore court a petition for protection against creditors until April 2, 2023.

Media: Genesis Trading requested emergency funding of $ 1 billion

The Genesis Trading OTC platform requested access to a credit line of $ 1 billion by the morning of November 14, referring to a lack of liquidity. About this with reference to informed sources writes The Wall Street Journal.

NFT-marketplace Metaplex based on Solana fired part of the team against the background of the Airdrop Phishing collapse of FTX

The NFT-protocol developer MetaPlex from the SOLANA ecosystem has fired an unnamed number of employees due to a deterioration in a market environment. This was announced by the co -founder and CEO of the company Stephen Hess.

The investor spoke about the “catastrophic” tendency to the risk of Sam Bankman-Fried

Serious fears regarding the methods of activity of the founder of the crash of the FTX Exchange Sam Bankman-Frida appeared before the base of the platform. About this CNBC was told by the managing partner of Hack VC Alexander Pak.

B2C2 intends to buy a loan portfolio Genesis Tradition

Cryptocurrency Platform B2C2 plans to buy a loan portfolio worth about $ 2.8 billion from a competitor of Genesis Trading, experiencing financial difficulties.

Genesis Trading stopped cryptolending operations

Cryptocurrency Platform Genesis Trading froze the withdrawal of funds and the issuance of new loans. This happened against the backdrop of “increased requests” from customers after FTX collapse.

Media: Amazon will fire a record in its history 10,000 employees

Amazon will reduce 10,000 people, which is about 3% of the corporate and 1% global state of the giant of electronic commerce. About this with reference to informed sources writes The New York Times.

Cryptocurrency Platform B2C2 introduced the new CEO

Philip Gillespi left the chair of the general director of Office (OTC) B2C2 platform. His place was taken by Nikola White.

FTX lost the Future Fund command and the head of the institutional sales department

The FTX institutional sales department did not know anything about the potential insolvency of the cryptocurrency exchange during the current week. This was stated by the head of the team Zane Takkett, reports The Block with reference to his letter to customers.

Coinbase reduced more than 60 jobs

Coinbase American Bitcoin Torge fired more than 60 employees, continuing to optimize the staff against the backdrop of a decline in the market. Coindesk writes about this with reference to the company representative.

The Bahamas regulator froze FTX assets

The Bahamas Securities Commission blocked the assets of FTX Digital Markets (FDM) and affiliated legal entities, as well as suspended the company’s license in the country.

Bloomberg and WSJ reported a “hole” in FTX balance for $ 8 billion

The founder and CEO FTX Sam Bankman-Fried told investors that without inflating additional capital, the exchange would be forced to declare bankruptcy. This is reported by Bloomberg.

Meta announced the dismissal of 11,000 employees

META Corporation will reduce more than 11,000 people (13% of the state) as part of the reorganization of its structure. Mark Zuckerberg turned to employees with an open letter.

CEO Circle compared FTX crisis with Lehman Brothers collapse

For the cryptocurrency market, FTX insolvency is comparable to the collapse of the Lehman Brothers Investbank, which became the 2008 crisis catalyst. This was stated by co -founder and CEO Circle Jeremy Allaire.

WSJ: Meta will conduct a large -scale staff reduction

META Corporation plans to reduce “thousands of employees”. About this with reference to informed sources writes The Wall Street Journal.

PAXOS will hore 130 blockchain specialists for the Singapore “daughter”

Paxos will expand the staff of the unit in Singapore from the current 20 to 150 specialists over the next three years. This is written by Bloomberg.

Coinbase Product Director announced resignation

On Thursday, November 3, the director of the product of the cryptocurrency exchange of Coinbase See Chatterji announced the dismissal. In the company of the top manager worked for almost three years.

Coinbase almost halved losses in the third quarter

Coinbase’s net loss in the third quarter of 2022 amounted to $ 545 million against $ 1.1 billion in the previous period. The company’s shares reacted with growth.

DAPPER LABS NFT Companes reduced 22% of the state

Canadian NFT companies Dapper Labs fired about 22% of staff. About 134 employees affected the reduction, calculated in Betakit.

Zipmex offered $ 100 million to “save” business in exchange for 90% of the shares

The Thai Zipmex crypto -rope experiencing financial difficulties is close to signing a transaction for $ 100 million with an existing investor for "saving business". This is reported by The Block.

Compute North sold $ 5 million to the former creditor

Generate Capital bought two dates of infrastructural solutions for cloud mining Compute North. The amount of the transaction amounted to $ 5 million, writes The Block.

The media learned about the reduction in Galaxy Digital, Bitmex and DCG

Over the past day, it has become known about the dismissal of 10-30% of personnel in three large cryptocurrency companies-Galaxy Digital, Bitmex and Digital Currency Group (DCG).

The media reported resignations in the leadership of Huobi. The exchange denied rumors

Journalist Colin Wu, citing sources, announced the resignation of CEO and the financial director of Huobi. According to him, large -scale dismissals are not excluded in the company.

The trustee of bankruptcy Celsius rejected the payment to employees $ 2.96 million

The confidential manager in the process of restructuring Celsius Network objected against the payment of bonuses of the team for continuing to work in the amount of $ 2.96 million. He referred to the lack of sufficient information in the petition.

Core Scientific is faced with the threat of bankruptcy

Public Mining Company and Core Scientific blockchain hosting provider by the end of the year can finally exhaust reserves in the form of cash and equivalents. Such information is contained in the reports for SEC.

Fidelity Digital Assets announced plans to hire 100 employees

The cryptocurrency division of the investment giant Fidelity Investments plans to continue expanding the staff and hire 100 new employees within six months. This was stated by the head of Fidelity Digital Assets Europe, Chris Tyrer, writes The Block.

German cryptobank Nuri will stop activities in November

Nuri (previously Bitwala) with a focus on cryptocurrencies, based in Germany, will begin to liquidate after an unsuccessful attempt to attract funding.

Marathon will pay $ 24 million to the former CEO

The Marathon Digital Holdings mining company has reached a settlement agreement with the ex-General Director Merric Okamoto regarding compensation for a limited appeal action.

Bloomberg: American regulators are investigating 3ac bankruptcy

American regulators-CFTC and SEC-find out potential violations by the bankrupt cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3ac). This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to its own sources.

Cameron Winklvoss left the leading post in the European branch of Gemini

Comoni Bitcoin Torge co-founder Cameron Winklvoss left the board of directors of the European division of the company, Altfi reports.

The media learned about mass dismissals in Nydig

NEW York Digital Investment Group (Nydig) fired about 100 people or approximately 30% of staff fired. Coindesk writes about this with reference to sources.

Blockwater Technologies allowed a default on the Defi-bailie $ 2.97 million

Investment company with focus for cryptocurrencies Blockwater Technologies from South Korea did not fulfill the loan received using the Truefi Defi Protocol for $ 2.97 million in the Busd Busd.

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