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Boston Dynamics has given up building combat robots


Aug 17, 2022

Boston Dynamics has refused to create combat robots

A coalition of six robotics companies has refused to create or support the use of devices and software they developed for military purposes.

The Coalition has pledged not to use its general-purpose, highly mobile devices and the software they have created for military purposes, and has refused to support others in the industry to do so.

The companies also said they would not allow customers to use platforms purchased from them as weapons when possible.

“We are committed to exploring the creation of technological features that could mitigate or reduce these risks,” the alliance added.

But the group clarified that it is not challenging existing developments that countries and their government agencies are leveraging for self-defense and law enforcement.

The companies urged policymakers and other robotics manufacturers to make similar commitments.

Recall that in December 2021, China’s ambassador for arms control to the United Nations, Li Song, spoke out against the use of AI for military purposes.

That same month, The Future of Life Institute released a mini-movie calling for a ban on “killer https://gagarin.news/news/btc-usd-the-price-of-the-cryptocurrency-went-up/ robots” killing people on their own.

In June, the UN documented the first time an unmanned combat drone had ever killed a human being without a direct order from its operator. In response, Human Rights Watch called for a ban on the development, production and use of autonomous weapons.

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