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The Winklvossi brothers invested in a startup that involves natural gas mining gas


Oct 3, 2022

The Winklvossi brothers invested in a startup that involves natural gas mining gas

Startup Crusoe Energy Systems Inc. attracted $ 4.5 million in the framework of the funding of the funding, headed by Bain Capital Ventures and Pathfinder unit in Founders Fund Peter Til. Among the participants of the round is also Winklevoss Capital Management and Dragonfly Capital Partners.

Crusoe Energy is developing mobile modular data centers for cryptocurrency mining, which https://gagarin.news/news/an-intrigue-from-the-creator-of-shiba-inu/ will operate on electricity from the so-called [Simple_tooltip Content = ’controlled or emergency burning of concomitant gas during oil production and chemical plants. ‘] Gas torch [/simple_tooltip]. This will simultaneously allow companies producing oil to abandon the existing practice of burning gas excess, reduce the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere and release additional energy for mining.

So, as planned by the creators of the startup, the data centers will be placed near the deposits, and the gas excess will be transformed into electricity for their functioning.

“Crusoe uses energy that could simply be lost in innovative sectors requiring intensive computer calculations such as blockchain and artificial intelligence”, -emphasized CEO Startap Chase Lokmiller, a former portfolio manager of the cryptocurrency hedge fund PolyChain Capital.

Recall that earlier Winklevoss Capital, along with Coinbase Ventures and Digital Currency Group Barry Silbert, invested $ 4.5 million in the Staked startup, focused on the creation and maintenance of infrastructure, which will allow institutional investors to earn on POS-Crites.

Also, the Winklvossi brothers in 2017 took part in the BlockStack blockchain startup blockchain startup along with Digital Currency Group and the founder of Techncrunch Michael Arrington.

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