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ETH price fell due to FTX


Jan 10, 2023

ETH price fell due to FTX

Last week, US shares were relatively stable. At the same time, Asian actions fell at the very beginning of Monday. This is due to information about deaths that can lead to toughening a politician associated with Covid-19. The dollar grew relative to other world currencies, and the profitability of treasury bonds increased by curve.

The cryptocurrency market seems to live a separate life. At the weekend, the main cryptocurrencies fell-the mood of investors worsened due to rumors about the sale of the cryptocurrency that the hacker stolen with FTX. At the time of writing this text, the price of BTC ranges slightly higher than the support level of $ 16,000, decreasing by 2.8% over the past 24 hours. ETH has even worse – cryptocurrency lost 7% for the same period of time. All altcoins with medium and large capitalization fall. Most lost the Chz token and several others – they decreased by a two -digit percentage over the same period of time.

According to the onchain analytics, the situation may deteriorate, since the amount of BTC for a period of six months to two years has fallen by more than 175 thousand over the past couple of days. At the same time, realized onchain-reasons have grown sharply over the same period of time. It seems that investors for an average and long time sell assets.

Everything is in growth

While last week large cryptocurrencies were traded in a narrow range, several altcoins showed an increase in a two -digit percentage. Cream token rose by 52.5% per week as a result of two sharp leaps on the weekend. Although the total blocked value in the protocol has not changed much, the recent increase in this token with a slight capitalization is most likely associated with the strengthened hopes of the world of decentralized finance.

On hourly graphics, the price of Cream slightly decreased after the second large jump on Sunday. However, it is held tight above the 50- and 100-hour exponential sliding medium. The relative force index remains in the neutral zone, and the volatility of the Cream price regarding changes in volume and market capitalization suggests that the current risk for lending token in Defi is quite low.

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The whole city is buzzing about this

A few days after the exchange of funds withdrawn from the FTX, on ETH, the hacker hacker, the hacker exchange ETH for BTC, which reduces the price of ETH. Earlier on Sunday, he exchanged about 5000 ETH for 347 Renbtc, according to the Peckshieldalert blockchain tracker, and a similar amount of 344.53 Renbtc. Then the hacker withdrew the https://gagarin.news/news/celsius-founder-refutes-critique-blames-short-sellers-for-cel-price-slump/ received Renbtc from Ethereum using the BTC Ren gateway, as a result of exchanging only 45,000 ETH for BTC. Despite the sale, a wallet called FTX Accounts Drainer in Etherscan is still in 37th place among the largest ETH holders.

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