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What is metavselnaya


Jan 24, 2023

What is metavselnaya

The term “metavsel” is a combination of the words “meta” – from Greek “through” or “going beyond” and “universe”. The word is used mainly to indicate the expected future version of the Internet, which is often called Web 3.0, which we talked about in the previous series of articles .

The word “meta -combat” was first used in the novel by Nile Stevenson “Snow Crash” in 1992. Stevenson’s metavselnaya was a virtual place where the characters could go, escaping from totalitarian reality. Ernest Klein published the book “The First Player” (“Ready Player One” in 2011, about the exciting virtual world, which can be escaped from reality. The book became a hit, and in 2018, director Stephen Spielberg More NFTs from made a film on it.

It is expected that this Internet evolution will lead to the appearance of online three -dimensional or virtually integrated worlds that provide users with access to virtual and augmented reality. The Bloomberg Intelligence report indicates that the capitalization of the metavselnits can reach $ 800 billion by 2025.

To date, metavselnaya are considered as an important business and financial opportunity for the technological industry and other sectors. The vision of the metavselnaya was primarily formulated by social networks and technological companies. Devices such as virtual reality heads, digital glasses, smartphones and other devices will allow users to access three -dimensional virtual or augmented reality environments, where they can work, communicate with friends, conduct business, visit remote places and gain access to educational capabilities.

The leading social network META (previously Facebook) and the Microsoft technical giant already invest significant funds for creating platforms, on which people can communicate on social networks or work remotely. So, Facebook acquired Oculus VR in 2014 for $ 2 billion. Currently, some aspects of the metavselnaya are integrated into existing Internet video games, such as Second Life, Minecraft and Fortnite.

To better understand how we work metavselnaya, we must distinguish between the following terms:

  • Virtual world -a simulated environment to which many users can access, which can simultaneously and independently explore the world using an online avatar. The virtual world presents the user with data on perception, and also includes the actions and communication of other users in real time along with their actions. For example, multi-user online games use virtual worlds to allow players to do things such as building and moving between spaces in the world.
  • Virtual reality – This is a simulated experience, which is usually provided with a headset that projects realistic images, sounds and other sensations to the user in a virtual environment. Virtual reality is currently used for video games, but can be used for virtual meetings, medical training or military training.
  • Mixed reality – This is the integration of real and virtual worlds to create new ways to interact with physical and digital space and other users. Examples of mixed reality are simulations for specific places or objects, such as projections of 3D diagrams or concepts, or the use of augmented reality in video games to display in fact non-existent objects.
  • Augmented reality – similar to mixed reality, it creates an interactive way of interacting with the environment of the real world. Augmented reality often includes both visual effects and sounds, sensory or olfactory data. An example of using augmented reality is the ability to visualize the product, or simulate the experience of its use in the inappropriate environment.

It is expected that cryptocurrencies will take a leading role in building a virtual economy. Thus, Grayscale General Director Michael Sonnennshain said that the metavselnits are a potential for an annual income of $ 1 trillion for the world of cryptocurrencies, first due to the virtual economy in the world of digital games, and then as a currency that can be fed by the metaul. Cryptocurrencies are widely used in native platforms-methave. For example, Decentraland and The Sandbox. However, the metavselnits are conquered by other markets more familiar to us.

Balenciaga has concluded cooperation with Epic Games – the creators of Fortnite to provide fashionable skins for the game. In addition, the company introduced the only series of accessories and the gaming center dedicated to the brand.

Nike is another well -known fashion company confirmed its interest in the RTFKT metavseli acquisition – NFT studio studio. On its base, innovative applications were created for the production and sale of proprietary virtual clothing, accessories and shoes Nike. It is expected that more and more consumers will be interested in buying clothes through NFT.

The Swedish Furniture Giant IKEA joined the PLACE Metavselnaya in 2017, which allows you to choose a piece of furniture and see how it looks in your house or office. Similar applications for online purchases allow us to virtually try on goods without leaving home.

So, the most common use of meta -combat combat -outs is gaming and entertainment industry, but already today meta -related are used in medicine, real estate, tourism, military affairs and the field of education.

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