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Community HUB: updating the platform, expanding the community


Aug 22, 2022

Community HUB: revamping the platform, expanding the community

Today we are relaunching the HUB Forklog platform. Our mission continues to be to build a strong community united by freedom of views, interests and beliefs. Our new domain name Forklog reflects this mission.community.

We’ve expanded the functionality of the site. A new content format – Podcasts – grew out of the Forklog Live project and several years of the Forklog YouTube channel. Now HUB residents can share their projects, ideas and news through live chat, getting feedback from active listeners. If you missed the podcast, you can always listen to a recording or learn the main points of the discussion from the text post-release. The podcast hosts are MaxBit, Vladimir Understanding, Marat (Forklog Community Angel) who are already well-known to the audience, and new experts with whom you can soon meet!

In our Discord you will find discussions of current trends, thematic channels about cryptocurrencies, AI, NFT, digital economy, podcast airwaves (we hold 3 events a week already)!). Discord functionality will help residents to advertise and improve https://gagarin.news/news/what-is-ftx/ materials. In Discord, you can tokenize user feedback, create characters and roles, rate projects and content through voting, and our community managers will show you how to use it all. Join us, it’s fun!!

All published material by HUB residents remains on the platform. We’ve upgraded our HUB subscription package with expanded functionality, and every resident will get all the important information about the update, as well as personalized support from HUB managers.

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