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Crypto.COM has returned 320,000 ETH, erroneously transferred to Gate address.Io


Aug 23, 2022

Crypto.COM has returned 320,000 ETH, erroneously transferred to Gate address.Io

Crypto cryptocurrency platform.COM has returned 320,000 ETH (~ $ 396 million at the rate at the time of writing), which were mistakenly transferred to the address of the Gate exchange address.Io. This was announced by the head of the company Chris Marshak.

https: // t.CO/PFC4PZ9NFR ProCEEDEDE COMPENTS THE FUNDS BACK to Its Cold Wallets Over The Following Days. The EntireTy of Eth Was Successfully Withdrawn by https: // t.Co/PFC4PZ9NFR and Returned to OUR Cold Storage.

– Kris | Crypto.COM (@Kris) november 13, 2022

November 11 Crypto.COM revealed information about the balance of hot and cold wallets. According to Nansen Dashboard, the platform holds more than $ 2.4 billion in digital assets. At the same time, more than 22% of the funds falls on the Shiba Inu (Shib) meme.

After that, some users noticed that Crypto on October 21.COM sent 320,000 ETH (~ 82% Ethereum on the platform balance) to Gate address.Io. Marshakom said that the operation was made by mistake.

“This was supposed to be moved to the new address of the cold https://gagarin.news/news/cryptopunk-4-464-sold-for-2-62-million/ storage, but was sent to the external exchange address included in the white list. We worked with the Gate team, the funds were returned to the cold storage. To prevent a repetition of such situations, new processes and functionality have been introduced, ”he wrote.

In Gate.Io confirmed the return. The founder of the exchange Lee Khan noted that the published report on the state of the exchange reserves does not take into account the received from Crypto.COM cryptocurrency, since the snapshot for the audit was performed on October 19.

(2/2) https: // t.Co/Phnrjkra9k Transferred 320,000 ETH To Their https: // T.Co/FMCIANZWPJ Account on Oct. 21 2022 02:52 UTC, 2 days after https: // t.Co/FMCIANZWPJ HAD Completed the Proof of Reservues.

Against the background of bankruptcy FTX Group, cryptocurrency exchanges began to publish information about reserves in digital assets. In particular, such reports have already submitted Binance and Huobi.

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