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Weekly competition of trading masters: Bonuses from a pool for 14,600 USDT


Oct 27, 2022

Weekly competition of trading masters: Bonuses from a pool for 14,600 USDT

We remind you that our system of levels of trading masters is already available!

In accordance with it, trading masters can receive one of four statuses: Cadet, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The higher the level, the more advantages are available to the trader.

More information about levels and privileges is available on the link.

Celebrate the launch with us! Join a special event and get weekly awards from a prize pool to 14,600 USDT.

Register to participate in the event by clicking on the button below.

🗓 Dates: November 21, 2022 – January 6, 2023

Every https://gagarin.news/news/zhao-will-prove-in-court-that-binance-is-not-using-a-ponzi-scheme/ week you are among the top traders in any of the two (2) categories and get trading awards:

  1. The income of the master of trading
  2. The total income of subscribers

The higher the level of the master of trading, the more rewards he will receive.

Read more in the table:

Please note that in order to receive awards, the trader will need to open and close at least 3 tucks for each week during the competition.


one. To receive awards, the trading master must register for participation in the promotion by clicking on the button above.

2. Participants can receive awards from only one category where the amount of remuneration is higher.

3. Training masters may be deprived of the right to receive awards if they: – make fraudulent transactions during the event and before the distribution of awards. – Open and close less than 3 tucks weekly during the competition. – did not register for the event on the button above.

four. The list of winners will be formed every week from 00:00 UTC Friday to 23:59 UTC subsequent Saturday.

5. The full list of the winners of each week will be published on the main page of the event after confirmation. The rating is not considered final until it is confirmed by the announcement of the results on the page of each participant.

6. Awards, if any, will be distributed in the form of Bybit bonuses every two (2) weeks.

7. BYBIT bonuses can be used to pay for margins on derivatives (but not on the spot). They can also be used to cover trade losses and commissions instead of equity. The bonuses themselves cannot be withdrawn, but the profit made using bonuses can be withdrawn. We draw your attention to the fact that the bonuses are canceled with any withdrawal of assets.

eight. All participants must strictly comply with the conditions for the provision of BYBIT services. Bybit reserves the right to disqualify participants who during the event are engaged in dishonest or unlawful activities, including registering several accounts for additional bonuses and any other actions that pursue illegal or fraudulent goals.

9. Bybit retares the right to change the conditions of this competition without prior notice to users.

ten. Bybit retains the right to interpret the conditions of this competition. If questions arise, contact our support service.

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