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Free Ton was renamed Evescale


Aug 26, 2022

Free Ton was renamed Evescale

Free Ton Managing Council voting approved a proposal to rename the project in Evescale. Ton Crystal native coin will receive the name of the same name (ticer Ever).

“We need to get rid of the restrictions that the story and heritage of the Ton brand impose to grow at a new stage in the development of the project. In particular, in order to achieve listing [native coins] on leading exchanges and be able to conclude large partnership agreements, especially in the United States, ”the description of the proposal made to the onchain-voting said.

The authors of the proposal noted that the planned transition to the new version of the Node Free Ton What is TxID?, written in Rust, is a “excellent moment for rebranding”.

An open discussion about choosing a new name for several months took place at the Free Ton forum. There were seven names on the final list. The final option was chosen on the basis of the uniqueness of the word, requests in search engines and existing trademarks.

Recall, on November 8, Free Ton burned more than half of the entire emission of native coins worth more than $ 1.1 billion. This step has become part of a large -scale reform on project management.

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