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FTX owed the 50 largest creditors $ 3.1 billion


Aug 29, 2022

FTX owed the 50 largest creditors $ 3.1 billion

The FTX Bitcoin Exchange passing through FTX buys crypto the bankruptcy procedure and the organizations associated with it have outstanding obligations to the 50 largest creditors for $ 3.1 billion. This follows from the materials of the court.

The names of the creditors are not given, the largest of them had a demand for $ 226 million. In general, amounts vary from several tens to hundreds of millions of US dollars.

“An investigation regarding the amounts listed, including payments that were possibly made, but not yet reflected in the reports, continues. There is also work on obtaining full access to customer data “, – says in the document.

Recall, on November 15, FTX reported the presence of more than a million creditors.

Bloomberg was unlikely to return the funds by clients.

According to Crypto Fund Research experts, the losses of cryptocurrency funds due to bankruptcy FTX can be up to $ 5 billion. The crisis touched on 25-40% of industry investment structures that invested in Bitcoin-Biru or its Utility Token FTT.

The current CEO exchange John Ray accused her ex-government of concealing the illegal use of client funds.

Media surveyed lawyers pessimistic about the future fate of the former head of the company. In their opinion, the US Ministry of Justice has everything necessary to initiate a criminal case against Bankman-Fried and other top managers.

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