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Where to place equipment for mining


Oct 20, 2022

Where to place equipment for mining

Equip equipment for mining in 2010 began to bring to us to the data center. Then it was all in a curiosity. There was a lot of skepticism. States will never give a printing press and taxation. But demand gives birth to a proposal. And over the past 10 years, cryptocurrencies have seriously advanced. Demand and supply are very funny in this market.

In the news, themes constantly virueno surfaced about the Mainers of Pogorelsev, who were mined on balconies, in apartments and it is still not clear where, not thinking that household outlets are not designed for this and that the laws of physics and electrical engineering will be bypassed by the side. Another news group was about those who stole electricity and mined, secretly from the leadership on an industrial scale. This was trained by employees of various companies with a large number of computers or access to electricity.

And the most interesting thing is one -day companies that collected equipment and disappeared or stole electricity and became defendants in criminal cases. Here we will talk about a number of facts that you should think about those who mines cryptocurrency or only planning. So, they drove.

Everyone rushes to minute at the peak

Guys, you need to sell at the peak! But you need to minute when everything fell. We observe these waves firsthand. How bitcoin is tearing – the client runs to us, not to stop. As a crypt will fall, so customers run away everything sells. And they cut their poor in a circle. At the peak, they buy video cards, which, as now, disappear from the shelves of stores, from which gamers suffer from. Then, as everything fell, they sell for nothing, although it is then that the good time is to buy video cards and Asiki.

The dependence of the price of video cards on the bitcoin course

You need to have strategic thinking. Mining is a debt game, like the stock market. It is a retirement or 10-20 years old. On average, most likely, it will grow and save the accumulations and mind. But you will be locally running after news waves – most likely you will lose, since when the news has reached you, it has already been worked out on exchanges 10 times.

The price of electricity is not primary

People turned to me in Europe. I offered them, let’s in Russia. They refused. It is important where electricity is cheaper, and where it is more reliable. The price of electricity can be twice. But these two times about anything, if you are not thinking about momentary benefit, but think strategically for several years ahead. Find out how many years the company has existed. Whether the past peak and decline survived?! We have customers’ cases, as they were thrown at the equipment, there is a case of our competitors who closed. For example, a client addressed us, who has been trying to return his equipment from the “one-day” mining hotel for almost a year and returned only half of the exported (everyone sold out in parts). The client shared that they took everything in one night. Our competitors with the same price for electricity at the time of start did not raise prices for their customers following the growth of tariffs and eventually closed, deeply crossing the break -in, since their contract was drawn up in this way. We have already considered the importance of a simple and understandable contract in the article A good contract – a short contract.

What does not matter for mining hot

In the article “Rental racks in a data center or how to choose a data center“We have listed a huge number of parameters that should be in the data center. Some data centers place equipment for mining in their empty racks. And it turns out, as if clogging a shoe nail with a sledgehammer or bracket with a boot hammer. At the room for mining, the requirements for the temperature regime are weaker. Since the equipment releases a lot of heat, the proximity of ASIKs with ordinary servers is harmful to servers. Of course, these are not problems of miners. It is more correct to think about the owners of ordinary servers. False floor, racks, 100% uptime, food reservation through the UPS and DSU for mining are not needed. This leads only to a rise in price price. Nevertheless, the quality of communication remains important. Mining hotels on cheap home routers with 3G modems will not be able to ensure acceptable quality of communication, low Ping, low Jitter, zero loss of packages, and therefore not all decisions will be made by pools precisely because of communication problems, simply because whoever is someone. then he will have time to transfer the decision faster.

What is important for hosting equipment for mining

  1. Fixed cost, independent of the course. The mining hotel should not take any commission from the volume of the steamed or tie the price of the cryptocurrency rate
  2. Excellent Ping and Knitting Channel Channel.
  3. No “their pools” and commission from the stained.
  4. Legal electricity. It will be very unpleasant to find out that all the equipment was arrested by the police due to the fact that the mining hotel stole electricity
  5. Stable temperature.
  6. Professional technical support engineers.
  7. It is necessary to collect farms in unit buildings, and not a collective farm on sticks.
  8. It’s good if the company has licenses.

Cooling mining equipment

In winter – cooled by supply ventilation. It is unreasonable to drive industrial air conditioners. In the summer, air conditioners need. And it is worth making sure of their presence. There were already examples when the equipment was placed simply in halls with high ceilings, but in the summer there is heat under 40 in Russia and it is not worth hoping for cooling naturally. Equipment cooling in containers is also associated with a number of problems. Firstly, the high equipment density with a small volume. Secondly, a metal container quickly heats up not only with equipment, but also with direct sunlight. There were cases when powerful fans tightened the rain or snow along with the outer air, which led to the failure of expensive equipment

How to choose where to place equipment for mining

Let’s try to give you a list of parameters by which you can build a comparative table to make a decision where to place your equipment for mining. Collection and analysis of information about various mining hotels makes sense to divide in the following areas:

  1. company data;
  2. Technical parameters of the site for mining;
  3. licenses;
  4. completeness of services provided;
  5. price.

All collected data should be reduced to the Google Sheets table, bring qualitative data to quantitative expert assessment, for example. Introduce weight coefficients of significance. Set the formula for calculating the final assessment, which will allow to obtain an objective comparison. Be sure to pre-visit the Date Center with an introductory excursion.

Data on the company supplier

The data listed further can be collected when choosing any provider of services or goods, whether at least stationery or power. For the TIN, break the company on various services, you can simply insert the TIN into the search line. Collect the following information:

  1. The age of the company. Year of foundation on extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.
  2. Does the legal address of registration with the actual address match.
  3. The average number.
  4. Turnover during past years.
  5. Taxes and salary contributions.
  6. Court cases.
  7. Executive production.

It is very convenient to compare the data on the data, t.to. They are already numerical. It is more difficult with the courts. The complete absence of lawsuits is as bad as their large number. Divide courts with customers and suppliers. Next are high -quality options that you have to evaluate individually.

Contacts of the leadership

Without feedback the systems do not work! A guarantee of high-quality provision of services and maintenance is the contacts of the manual in the public domain, if you do not want to listen to all sorts of nonsense from ordinary workers like “Unfortunately, everything is arranged differently, but we will take into account your wishes”. Any employee must know that if he does not serve the client well, the client may complain directly to the company’s manager. Otherwise, communication with companies like with the wall. So banks, Yandex, Google, hh communicate with us.ru and many others. For many years, we have never been able to get from any major https://gagarin.news/ organization of improving its business processes and the quality of service.

Reviews and reaction to them

See reviews about the organization and the response reaction. If there are a lot of positive reviews, then perhaps they have a custom -made nature.

history of the company

On the website NALOG.ru will say a lot. How long the company exists, how often the leadership has changed in it, the owners.

The location of the server

We advise you to place equipment for manining geographically in the region where you are not far from going. If you place equipment a few thousand kilometers from you, then if something happens, a whole problem will come there for you.

Technical parameters of the machine room

Accidents, downtime, uptime

Server has such a concept as uptime – the time of uninterrupted work since the launch. Uptime server can also be measured in relative units – percentage. As the Uptime server is considered in percentage? Of the 100%, we subtract the server downtime time, divided for the entire time of operation of mining hotel. What depends on the downtime of the machine room:

  1. server software failures;
  2. refusals of mining equipment (ASIKI, GPU farms can fail and require repairs);
  3. Interruptions in the work of mining hotel:
    • refusals or accidents on the cooling system;
    • accidents in the power supply system;
    • accidents on routers and communication channels, DDOS attacks;

    Absolute 100% uptime rarely happens. But for mining 99.5% is a sufficient level. We can talk about the local uptime on a given period of time and as shown above, you need to, at least, distinguish between three different types of uninterrupted work. There were accidents, eat and will always and always. Some cases can be minimized, somewhere you can reduce the time for their elimination, but it is completely impossible to get rid of them. The human factor can be minimized, but it is impossible to get rid of the failure of the terminal equipment.

    Communication licenses

    Check the presence of licenses for telematics and data transfer. It is desirable that they be.

    On technical support and access to equipment

    Find out if there are round -the -clock support and is it possible to access the equipment at any time – the opportunity to bring and pick up. What problems will help you, and with which they will not help.


    At least two fiber -optic canals from different providers and different routes should be suitable. If the channel is only one and the excavator will cut it, then it will be restored for a long time. The minimum Ping has a decisive role. To analyze the quality of communication channels, pay attention to:

    • Ping value;
    • average connection time;
    • The average response time of the DNS server to receive the IP address for the domain;
    • time of uninterrupted work and accident over the past few years;
    • Real data download speed.

    Who is the manufacturer of electrical equipment?

    The energy system should be assembled using reliable components from leading world manufacturers, for example, Schneider Electric. On cheap components above the probability of a fire.

    In what room should mining hot

    Mining hotel should not be in the basement, bunker, bomb shelter, because there is a threat of flooding it! Mining hotel should not be in the bomb shelter, because the bomb shelter can be asked to be released at 24 hours! He should also not be in the office building, because an unpleasant hum from the operation of equipment spreads throughout the building! When placing equipment above the first floor, take into account the load on the floor. In the workshops of the plant with high ceilings in the summer there will be a problem with heat discharge. Mining in containers is a bad idea, since it is not even necessary to dismantle and endure equipment, they drove up, picked up and stole a tap. But from server, you can’t get it out in 5 minutes.


    On the territory of the mining hotel, the bandwidth should be organized. The possibility of unauthorized persons in the territory or technical premises of the Date Center should be excluded. There should be a change of security, which is at least two people and a regular detour is carried out. A contract for the departure of armed security must be signed. The duty staff should have an alarming button. Access directly to the machine room should be carried out in the presence of an engineer. If the mining hall of the mining hotel is located above the first floor, it is possible to use the elevator and carts to move the equipment. The mining hotel should have at least a fire alarm, but in general you need a full-fledged fire extinguishing system. The mining hotel should have cameras that fully view all approaches and passages to the mining hotel and inside it. The depth of storage of the archive should be at least 30 days.

    Completeness of services provided

    Pay attention to the list of basic and additional services. Check out the text of the contract and the capabilities of the Contractor. You may need:

    1. The ability to pay with cards, electronic money and other payment methods.
    2. Obtaining acts, invoices on the channels of electronic circulation document (EDO).
    3. Obtaining a cash receipt in accordance with 54-ФЗ.
    4. The possibility of round -the -clock access and technical support including holidays and weekends.
    5. Support by phone, e -mail, LC applications, chat on the site and in Telegram.
    6. Client – a separate room for working with equipment.
    7. Kitchen – the opportunity to drink tea, coffee and eat.
    8. Warehouse and storage rooms.
    9. Monitoring and administration of client resources.


    Comparing prices for mining hotels. This item is the last in importance. On the horizon of 2-3 years, it is important not to save a penny on electricity, but to find a reliable supplier of services that will not disappear.

    The final checklist of the characteristics of mining hotel

    The weight of each parameter and the parameters themselves can change for themselves. Here they are given as an example. For residents of other regions, the formula for a number of characteristics will differ.

    We urge you to compare different offers on the market, and add to your table to ITSoft mining numbers to your table.

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