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The city in Honduras recognized Bitcoin as a legal means of payment


Oct 25, 2022

The city in Honduras recognized Bitcoin as a legal means of payment

The economic zone of PRóspera in Honduras announced that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies actually act as a legal payment vehicle within its jurisdiction.

The zone in the form of a charter city is located on the island of Roatan and has significant autonomy, including the private government, as well as its own fiscal, regulatory and legal systems.

“PRóspera also accepts taxes and fees using bitcoin and allows residents to https://gagarin.news/news/blockchain-and-aid-for-ukraine-volodymyr-nosov-of-white-bit-spoke-to-dmitry-kuleba/ build business oriented business using the optimal regulatory framework based on the AML and KYC standards,” the statement said in the statement.

Jurisdiction offered Honduras municipalities and foreign companies the possibility of producing digital gold bonds to attract foreign direct investment.

President of the promoter and organizer of the Honduras Prospera Inc zone. Joel Bomgar confirmed the news from the Bitcoin 2022 conference stage. He added that investors can invest in an organization through the purchase of security tokens on the Securitize platform.

The head of the island autonomous region Madeira in Portugal Miguel Albuquerque also advocated the legalization of the first cryptocurrency. He did not indicate specific plans in this direction.

“I believe in the future and Bitcoin,” he said.

In September 2021, the first cryptocurrency became a legal means of payment in Salvador. So far, none of the countries followed the example of the Central American state.

Recall that the Salvador authorities planned to release bitcoin wobes for $ 1 billion on March 15-20, but postponed the issue in anticipation of “more favorable conditions in the global financial market”.

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