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Instagram launched an age test in the UK in the UK


Sep 2, 2022

Instagram launched an age test in the UK in the UK

The Instagram platform has launched a function with artificial intelligence in the UK to check the age of adolescents in the video in video. About this writes Gizmodo.

The company has been testing the tool since June 2022. The developer of the technology was the British company Yoti.

Statement of age applies to minor users trying to change age in the account settings. The system will ask the owner of the profile to undergo a check using a video. As an alternative, the user can send a photograph of personality certificates or ask adults to confirm his age.

According to Yoti, the system in 99.65% of cases determines 13-17-year-old adolescents as persons younger than 23 years old.

The company claims that their technology is different from the classical recognition of faces. Instead, the system analyzes the features of the user’s face.

“This is not“ recognition of faces ”[…]. This is just a definition of whether there is something similar to a human face in the captured image, ”the company said.

Yoti Director for Policy and Regulation of Julie Dawson said that evidence of age on the Internet is a “complex industry problem”. However, according to her, the face assessment tool provides a balance between efficiency and confidentiality.

“We created it to give everyone a safe way to confirm their age, without telling their name or identification document. This technology can allow minors to gain access to the content corresponding to their age, ”Dawson said.

Instagram Director Tara Hopkins believes that new tools are an “important step” in protecting young users on their platform.

“We want everyone to work on Instagram in accordance with his age, which means that we need to know how old they are – and this is a problem for our entire industry,” she added.

The function of checking age using video selfi is already available to users from the USA, https://gagarin.news/ Brazil and India. In the near future, the company plans to deploy technology in other regions.

Recall that in September, Meta began to develop a sign of nudity recognition in the photo sent to personal messages on Instagram.

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