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Research: Facebook advertising algorithms distinguish the race, gender and age in photographs


Nov 3, 2022

Research: Facebook advertising algorithms distinguish the race, gender and age in photographs

Facebook advertising algorithms use the recognition of race, gender and age to target the delivery of sponsored messages. This is stated in the study of the North-East College of Computer Sciences Huri.

According to scientists, the same advertising message with excellent images is demonstrated differently to people.

“If you use the image of a black person in the ad in the ad, the probability of its shows black users will increase significantly,” said one of the authors of the study by Alan Moslov.

He added that advertising with a woman with a high degree of probability will appear in the tape of the female audience. At the same time, the announcement with the image of https://gagarin.news/news/accelerate-financial-technologies-establishes-the-nft-fund-which-owns-blue-chips/ a girl is likely to be older for older men.

According to Moslov, the distribution of messages occurs regardless of the settings for the display of advertising. The algorithm itself decides what subgroup of people to show the announcement, evaluating the relevance and previous experience of interaction, he added.

“The system should understand:“ What should I do to make someone click on advertising?”. In this case, the race and floor can predict the likelihood of a transition, so the algorithm uses them, ”Moslov believes.

According to the co -author of the study by Peter Sapozhinsky, the algorithm is indifferent to ethnicity, gender and age. However, advertisers can use this to increase campaigns efficiency.

Researchers believe that such a problem partially arose due to the lack of transparency of algorithms. The team spent tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to configure advertising to clarify the features of the system. However, the average user of tools for promoting ads does not have similar resources, scientists believe.

The researchers also said that laws on preventing discrimination in advertising must also be extended to digital ads.

“We need to make it more clear how algorithms work, and then give advertisers the opportunity to say:“ I do not want the announcement system to potentially violate the law on the protection of civil rights, ”Moslov said.

Earlier, META was accused of using a “biased” algorithm for housing advertising. The company announced its disconnection as part of the settlement of a judicial dispute with the US Department of Justice.

Recall that in September, Facebook algorithms accused of “assistance” by Rohingya’s genocide in Myanmar.

In August, the media learned that META with the help of AI fired 60 moderators of social networks.

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