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Results of the week: the media learned about the “red notification” for Cvon, and Binance opened the mining Pool for ETHW extraction


Nov 7, 2022

Results of the week: the media learned about the “red notification” for Cvon, and Binance opened the mining Pool for ETHW extraction

The media reported on the issuance of an Interpol “Red Notification” to the head of TerRaform Labs to Kvon, the FTX won the Voyager Digital assets selling assets, Binance opened the ETHW mining and other events of the outgoing week.

Bitcoin could not stay above $ 20,000

The first cryptocurrency opened a week with growth. On Tuesday, the price rose above $ 20,000, but the quotes failed to gain a foothold on this mark. At the same time, over the past seven days, digital gold has risen in price by 1.5%.

At the time of writing, bitcoin is trading near $ 19,200.

Most cryptocurrencies from the TOP-10 on market capitalization were in the red zone. BNB showed the best dynamics – its price increased by almost 3%.

The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market amounted to $ 969.68 billion. Bitcoin dominance index increased to 38%.

The media reported the issuance of the Interpol of Red Notification to Kwon

At the beginning of the week, Bloomberg said that Interpol issued a “red notification” about the detention of CEO TerRaform Labs (TFL) to Kvon. According to the procedure, the request will be received by law enforcement agencies of 195 countries. There is no card on the organization’s website yet.

Kwon himself drew attention to the latter. He said that he was not hiding and freely visits shopping centers, but did not specify what jurisdiction is.

At the same time, the researchers found that on the eve of the request of South Korean law enforcement officers to detain Kwon from the Luna Foundation Guard wallet to Binance, 3313 BTC were sent to Binance. Transactions were made in the period from September 15 to 18, and funds were received by OKX and Kucoin exchanges.

In turn, TFL accused the prosecutor’s office of South Korea of ​​abuse of authority, calling the case “politicized”. The company also refuted the transfer 3313 BTC.

FTX won the Voyager Digital sale auction

The FTX US Cryptocurrency Exchange has won the auction for the sale of assets of the bankrupt lender Voyager Digital, offering about $ 1.4 billion. According to representatives of the broker, the proposal reflects the fair market value of cryptocurrencies stored on the platform for more than $ 1.3 billion. The application includes an additional reward of about $ 111 million.

This week CEO FTX US Brett Harrison left the president. The American branch of the exchange also announced the office moving to the Miami cryptocurrencies.

Researchers presented the concept of reversible Ethereum transaction

A group of researchers from Stanford presented the concept of new standards for Ethereum Tokens-ERC-20R and ERC-721R. They are designed to introduce an option of reversibility of the transaction in case of theft of assets.

According to the proposal, the management of the smart contract will be carried out by a “decentralized structure” by voting. The victim can provide evidence and request a freeze of stolen assets, after which the quorum will make a decision. The community criticized the initiative, noting that it contradicts the essence of cryptocurrencies.

The bank in Kazakhstan held the first bitcoin operation

The Kazakhstan cryptocurrency exchange Intebix (BITEEU Eurasia) and the Eurasian Bank held the first joint transaction to buy bitcoin for fiat. The bank independently developed the process of entering and withdrawing tenge into an exchange with low commissions. A credit institution also announced plans to release a payment crypto card that could be accepted in stores before the end of the year.

A few days later, deputies of the Kazakhstan Mazhilis submitted a bill regulating cryptocurrencies in the country. The document allows mining only to the participants of the Astana International Financial Center (MFCA), as well as non-resident legal entities if they have a contract with licensed dates-centers.

President of Kazakhstan Kasim-Zhomart Tokaev announced the readiness of the legislative recognition of the draft converting cryptocurrencies with the IFTC intercourse, if the results of the pilot test are successful, and the service will be in demand.

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  • Bitcoin-blogger Lark Davis was accused of participating in PUMP schemes & DUMP.
  • 93 suspects of laundering $ 5.5 billion through cryptocurrencies were detained in China.
  • Alex Mashinsky left the post of head of Celsius Network.
  • Scientists called Bitcoin “digital oil” due to the impact on the climate.

Video cards in China fell sharply after The Merge

Chinese retail sellers said that the cost of the flagship video cards RTX 3080, which were used for Ethereum mining, collapsed by almost 40%.

According to 2mins, about 80% of Ethereum miners turned off the equipment after The Merge. Heshchreite analysis in alternative networks confirmed the drop in the indicator after updating.

What are the miners?

The Bitdeer mining service provider, under the guidance of ex-s-sie Bitmain, will launch a fund of $ 250 million for the redemption of assets from “problematic” industry companies. Bitdeer will allocate $ 50 million as a junior tranche. Partners will provide the remaining $ 200 million.

At the week, analysts Arcane Research presented a report on public miners, according to which the vast majority of companies reflected retained loss on the balance sheet, despite the successful 2021. In the case of Core Scientific, the indicator amounted to $ 1.3 billion.

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange has launched a mining pool oriented towards extraction of tokens of the Ethereum POW (ETHW). While the asset has not yet been traded on the exchange. Representatives of the platform noted that ETHW support in the pool does not guarantee listing.

As a result of the next recalculation, the difficulty of mining of the first cryptocurrency decreased by 2.14%, to 31.36 T. The indicator demonstrated negative dynamics for the first time from July 21, 2022.

The developers of Polkadot and Cosmos presented updated road maps

Polkadot Blockchain Parity Technologies is preparing the first set of the main optimization of the consensus protocol since launch in December 2021. The developers focused on categories such as scalability, improvement and communication between parachans, management of Relay Chain, staying and bridges to other ecosystems.

COSMOS developers published White Paper, which presents a new functionality of the project ecosystem. One of the key solutions is Interchain Scheduler-cross-marcketplais focused on MV capabilities. It will be associated with the multi-shame of transaction relay (similar to Flashbots in the context of Ethereum).

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  • Robinhood released a beta version.
  • Chainlink and Swift will develop a solution for the implementation of cross-transaction.
  • Media: the EU will discuss a complete ban on cryptocurrency operations for Russians.

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