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Aug 3, 2022


The Israeli defense company Elbit Systems introduced a lethal autonomous drone-kamikadze, controlled by artificial intelligence.

In Israel, they will launch a platform for trading digital assets

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) plans to launch its own blockchain platform for trading digital assets. The application followed as part of the development strategy for 2023-2027.

Israel unfolded AI-armed for refugees camp

The Israeli army launched weapons with artificial intelligence on a guard tower aimed at the al-Aruba refugees camp on the western bank of the Jordan River.

Israel will test the tokenized bonds

The Ministry of Finance of Israel and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange launched a pilot project for bond tokenization called Eden. About this writes The Marker.

Israel unfolded the AI-Tour in the western bank of the Jordan River

The Israeli authorities deployed a remotely controlled turret on the western bank of the Jordan River, shooting light -school grenades, tear gas and spongy bullets.

Google forced to quit a criticism of a military AI contract with Israel

The Google employee said she was forced to resign due to criticism of the secret AI project of $ 1.2 billion with the Israeli government.

In Israel, the scheme of laundering of millions of euros through cryptocurrencies was revealed

The Israeli Tax Administration and Police arrested three suspects in organizing an international fraudulent scheme for laundering millions of euros using cryptocurrencies.

One of the largest banks in Israel will open access to cryptocurrencies to customers

Pepper Invest Pepper Invest, belonging to the Israeli Bank Leumi, will allow customers to invest in cryptocurrencies. To do this, the service concluded a partnership with Paxos.

Media: Binance Bitcoin-Birzha suspended activities in Israel

The Israeli Capital Office Office turned to the Binance cryptocurrency exchange for explanations regarding the services provided in the country and obtain licenses. This is reported by Globes.

In Israel, the bank refused a pensioner to enroll the profit from investment in Bitcoin

The largest Bank of Israel Hapoalim Bank filed an objection to the lawsuit of 69-year-old Esther Freeman with a request to reject its requirement for depositing 1 million shekels (~ $ 320,000) received from investment in Bitcoin. This is reported by Ynet.

The Central Bank of Israel has expanded the study of aspects of the implementation of CBDC

Israel has advanced to study issues related to the advantages and risks of starting digital Shekel. This was stated by the head of the CBO of the country of project YoAV Soffer, writes Bloomberg.

Media: Celsius Network finder was among the detainees in Israel

The financial director of the centralized cryptocurrency lending platform Celsius Network Yaron Schale was among the detainees in Israel along with the Sirin Labs ICO-Startap Moshe Hogelm.

The founder of Sirin Labs was arrested in Israel on suspicion of fraud

In Israel, the founder of Sirin Labs, STX Technologies Limited (Stox) and Leadcoin Moshe Hogega on suspected fraud with cryptocurrencies, money laundering and sexual crimes were arrested in Israel. This is reported by Haaretz.

Media: Israeli military uses recognition of persons against the Palestinians

The Israeli army launched an extensive system of recognition of persons to track the Palestinians on the western bank of the Jordan River. This was told by the former military.

In Cyprus, they prevented an attempt on an Israeli billionaire and investor Distributed Lab

Billionaire, founder of PlayTech and investor Distributed Lab Teddy Saga managed to avoid an attempt on Cyprus.

Media: Israeli AI liquidated the Iranian nuclear scientist

On November 27, 2020, the Israeli intelligence agencies eliminated the leading Iranian Jester scientist Mochsen Fahrizade from a machine gun with remote control and artificial intelligence.

In Israel, an AI system was developed to expand the capabilities of combat rifles

The Israeli company Elbit Systems introduced the system based on artificial intelligence Arcas, which facilitates the shooting of a rifle for the military.

A resident of Israel abducted 75,000 dash from his own friend

The court in Israel found guilty of a local resident, AFEK ZARDA in the theft of 75,000 dash from his friend. At the time of abduction, the amount was over $ 6 million.

“Mossad” will host an expert on cryptocurrencies

National Intelligence Service of Israel "Mossad" Opened a vacancy of a digital currency and Fintech specialist, Ynet reports.

Israel will oblige residents to report cryptoactives worth more than $ 61,000

Israeli citizens will be obliged to report the presence of digital assets in the amount of over 200,000 shekels (~ $ 61,270). Such a proposal is contained in the bill developed by the Ministry of Finance of the country.

Israeli authorities issued an arrest warrant belonging to Hamas Bitcoin addresses

The National Bureau of Israel to combat the financing of terrorism ordered the arrest of 84 cryptocurrencies, allegedly controlled by the group of militants Hamas.

Media: The President of Israel was awarded the oath text in the form of NFT

The Israeli parliament handed a copy of the presidential oath in the form of an unexplored token (NFT) to the new head of state to Itshaku Duke during the inauguration of July 7.

Israel used Roy Dronov with artificial intelligence in real battle

The army of Israel was the first in the world to use the drone group managed by artificial intelligence in real combat conditions in a recent conflict in the gas sector.

The Central Bank of Israel has involved Ethereum technology in experiments with CBDC

In Israel, the Ethereum blockchain technology for the pilot project to study the digital currency of the Central Bank (CBDC) was adapted, Globes reports.

Israeli Bank confirmed the pilot project with CBDC

Israel conducted a pilot testing of the Central Bank digital currency (CBDC), said Deputy Managing Regulator Andrew Abir. This is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

Media: the three largest Israeli ICOs were accused of fraud

Former employees of the Singulariteam venture fund filed a lawsuit against Sirin Labs ICO startups, STX Technologies Limited and Leadcoin. All projects belong to the founder of the Foundation Moshe Hogehu.

The Bank of Israel returned to the idea of ​​the release of digital Shekel

The Israeli Bank has submitted a working document with the presentation of the model and the advantages of digital Shekel for subsequent public consultations.

Israeli investment company invested $ 100 million in GBTC

The Israeli investment company Altshuler Shaham invested $ 100 million in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) in the second half of 2020. This was reported by the local publication Globes.

In Israel, cryptocurrency owners were obliged to reveal their assets

The Tax Service of Israel (ITA) demanded from the owners of cryptocurrencies to completely disclose their assets and profit, Globes reports.

Hackers hacked the phones of 20 heads of cryptocurrency companies in Israel

At least 20 leaders of Israeli cryptocurrency companies hacked the phones of at least 20, they took possession of their accounts on Telegram, Gmail and Yahoo and tried to get cryptocurrency. This is reported by the local publication Haaretz.

Israeli parliament will vote for softening the taxation of cryptocurrencies

Four deputies of the Knesset of Israel proposed to consider new amendments to the country’s tax code. They propose to refuse to cover bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies tax on capital growth, Globes reports.

The Israeli startup Curv signed an agreement with the Cryptos of the UAE

The Israeli startup Curv, a security infrastructure supplier for digital assets, concluded a partnership with a crypto -trade platform and a Hayvn Castodian from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), reports Finance Magnates.

Schifer virus attacked an Israeli company which quotes on NASDAQ

Israeli developer of wireless chips and tower Semiconductor LTD cameras and sensors., Presented on the Nasdaq exchange, was attacked by a sipher virus. Hackers require hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore the work of infected systems, writes a local publication Calcalis.

Israel called on banks not to refuse to maintain bitcoin companies

Israeli banks should not refuse the services of cryptocurrency companies, said Avihai Mandellyblit, legal adviser to Israeli Government. This is reported by Cointelegraph with reference to local media.

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