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How to bet on steaking SOLANA (SOL) in the SAVL wallet


Nov 8, 2022

How to bet on steaking SOLANA (SOL) in the SAVL wallet

Savl – multifunctional application for cryptocurrency operations for Android and iOS. This application helps users buy and store crypto assets, as well as manage them. SAVL offers passive income using SOLANA and Rose stake.

Create an account

We will use SAVL for Android for stake and anti -nasty SOL. The iOS interface may vary slightly, but ux is identical.

Terms of Service (Terms of Service) to create a wallet.

Generate the recovery phrase by pressing the button several times. Then click ” See the Recovery Phrase “”. The phrase contains 24 random words. The phrase is a unique key to your wallet and the only way to restore it. To save your assets in security, you need to correctly store the recovery phrase. You can write words from the phrase on paper or save them on a hard drive. We also recommend using services such as Lastpass or Keepassxc .

Create a 6-digit pin code. Advice: Make it less obvious than 111111.

Ready! Now you can edit your profile in the settings. For example, you can change your user name. In addition, you can invite friends and receive referral rewards.

Replenishment of the wallet

SAVL offers several options for replenishing balance. You can buy SOL using a credit or debit card or send tokens from another wallet.

If you already have cryptocurrency in your wallet, you can exchange it for SOL right in the application. You will need to go through the KYC-confidence that will take about 5 minutes.

How to bet SOL bets

To bet, you need to click ” Services »In the menu in the right bottom of the screen.

Select ” Staking “”.

Then select the SOL token.

Click ” Enable and Continue “”.

After “Cryptocurrency creating the Solana wallet, you can add tokens to staining tokens.

Click the first step ” Stake Sol “”.

Then select the validator from the list. The application sorts validators at their rates. To get more information about each validator, use blockchain observers. For example, SOLANABEACH, VALIDATORS.App or Solscan .

Enter the SOL amount you want to use in stakeing.

Check the entered data. Make sure you have enough SOL to pay for steiling and district commissions. Do not use all available means for stakeing!

After that, you will see a notification of a successful rate ” Sol Staked Successfully “”.

Congratulations! Now your SOL share is increased. The first awards will be in a few days. You can check your bet by clicking ” Total Staked »On the page of Solana Stayking.

Remember that the set tokens are illiquid. You cannot sell, exchange or use them for stakeing again. To make them liquid, you must cancel the rate.

How to cancel the SOL rate

Open information about the rate and press the button ” Deactivate ” (cm. Previous screenshot) to create a request for the abolition of stakeing. See the exact time of deactivation of the bet in the field ” Time Till Deactivity “”.

Until deactivation, you can cancel the request at any time.

After deactivation, you will have to remove tokens. Then you get full access to your SOL tokens.

Check out our guidance on tracking the remuneration for staying in SOLANA observers and do not hesitate to ask questions in our TELEGRAM support chat .

To obtain more detailed information about SOLANA, please refer to our FAQ .

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