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Marina Glayboroda


Nov 18, 2022

Marina Glayboroda

Newspaper and research observer in the field of artificial intelligence. I am writing about neural networks, robotics, drones and regulation of algorithms.

Newspaper and research observer in the field of artificial intelligence. I am writing about neural networks, robotics, drones and regulation of algorithms.

AI helped prove the authenticity of the controversial picture of Renoir

The Swiss company Art Recognition involved AI to verify the authenticity of the painting “Portrait of a Woman (Gabriel)” allegedly French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir.

Meta will hold the VR concert of the deceased rapper The Notorious B.I.G.

META announced a concert of the rapper The Notorious B who died 25 years ago.I.G., which will be held on December 16 at the Horizon Worlds social VR network.

Riot Games and Ubisoft use AI against toxic players

Riot Games and Ubisoft have concluded cooperation as part of the Zero Harm in Comms technological project to combat toxicity in multi -user games using AI.

Boston Dynamics sued the manufacturer of “killer robots”

Boston Dynamics sued the manufacturer Ghost Robotics for the alleged violation of seven patents associated with four -legged robots.

Waymo turned robotax into mobile weather stations

Waymo, owned by Alphabet, taught robo cars to create a real-time weather mode to improve taxi services in Phoenix and San Francisco.

Researchers taught artificial intelligence to “sleep”

The international group of scientists forced the impulse neural network to alternate training with the “dream” to perform two different operations without the rewriting of the connections received during the first task.

KFC Bot congratulated customers in Germany on the anniversary of the “Crystal Night”

The KFC fast-fast restaurant network sent to customers in Germany a Push notification calling to “pamper yourself with a crispy chicken” on the anniversary of the “crystal night”.

Intel introduced the MAX series AI-Chips for supercomputers

Intel introduced the Xeon CPU Max server processors and the Data Center GPU Max accelerators for high -performance calculations and processing of artificial intelligence tasks.

Twitter rejected the advertising publication criticizing Tesla’s autopilot

The Dawn Project has announced Twitter to promote the publication criticizing the Tesla Full Self-Driving unmanned driving system.

In the United States, meat processing plants use AI to control employees

American meat concerns JBS and Tyson Foods invested in an application based on artificial intelligence for smart hours, which allows to track the movements of employees.

Openai will allocate $ 10 million for AI-Startapes in the early stages

The Openai organization has launched the Convertege program in order to provide AI-Startaps in the early stages of development of capital, as well as access to its technologies and resources.

Until 2026, China will release 25 million VR harp

Chinese authorities published a national development industry development plan, which implies 25 million appropriate devices for more than $ 48 billion up to 2026.

META AI has developed a competitor DeepMind AlphaFold

Researchers META AI have released the “Protein Language Model” ESM-2 with 15 billion parameters and the ESM METAGENOMIC ATLAS database containing more than 600 million prognostic structures of metagenomic compounds.

Scientists have created a neuro interface that turns brain waves into words

A group of scientists from the University of California at San Francisco has developed a neuro interface to decipher commands sent by the brain to the speech tract.

On Times Square was offered to deploy drones and cameras from AI

Caesars Entertainment giant and SL Green Realty REIT-corporation proposed increasing the number of police officers on Times Square, expand observation drones and install cameras with artificial intellect.

AI helped NASA to identify evidence of sea air pollution

Reducing the content of sulfur in ship fuel reduced the level of air pollution in the sea to a record low level over the past century.

End or second wind: how neural networks change the world of fine art

FORKLOG found out what artificial intelligence algorithms are used to work with images and whether such systems can replace artists.

The Netherlands launched the first autonomous “killer robots” NATO

The Royal Army of the Netherlands launched the testing of armed unmanned ground vehicles in order to develop and clarify the doctrine at the platoon level.

Robosobak taught to protect the football gate from the ball

Researchers from the University of California in Berkeley used reinforcement training to train the four -legged Mini Cheetah robot play football at the goalkeeper’s position.

The enthusiast involved Stable Diffusion neural network for selfie processing

German enthusiast Fabian Shtelzer used online tools based on the popular Stable Diffusion neural network to process his selfie in different styles.

In Moscow, data will be collected from all Russian street surveillance cameras

Moscow authorities plan to deploy a centralized collection and analysis of video data from surveillance cameras in all regions of Russia.

Researchers taught brain cells to play pong

The startup Cortical Labs has introduced the Dishbrain synthetic biological intelligence system, which in real time can use adaptive calculations inherent in the neuron to perform targeted tasks like playing PONG.

AI taught patients to choose antidepressants to patients

The international group of researchers has developed an algorithm for machine learning, which, according to electroencephalography, predict the patient’s reaction to treatment with the drug “Certralin” with an accuracy of 83.7%.

AI will help the victims of the hurricanes “Ian” and “Fion” receive cash payments

The GiveDirectly charitable organization has involved Google AI to identify low-income people, which suffered from hurricanes North Korea Accused in Florida and Puerto Rico, and provide them with financial assistance.

Boston Dynamics refused to create combat robots

The coalition of six robotics companies refused to create or support the use of devices they have developed and software for military purposes.

Google introduced a video generator on the text based on Imagen

Google researchers have announced the development of the Imagen Video artificial intelligence system, capable of generating a video with a resolution of 1280 × 768 pixels and a frequency of 24 frames per second, according to verbal requests.

Jan Lekun proposed to endow the AI ​​systems with “common sense”

“Autonomous” artificial intelligence, capable of exploring and perceiving the world around the world as people, is necessary more effective training.

Nvidia will close the office in Russia

By the end of October 2022, NVIDIA will close the office in Russia due to “the impossibility of ensuring the effective work of employees”.

In the UK, the coroner accused the Instagram and Pinterest algorithms for a teenager’s death

The senior coronet Andrew Walker called the death of 14-year-old Molly Rose Russell Act of Affects due to depression and the negative consequences of online content.

Google taught AI to say “more clearly and more natural”

Google will update the engine to convert the text into Speech Services on Android devices, making the sound of the voices more pure and natural.

Scientists have created a laser and tour to destroy cockroaches

The team of researchers tested a laser device for detecting and neutralizing insects automated using computer vision technology

Facebook algorithms accused of “assistance” by Rohingya’s genocide in Myanmar

In 2017, algorithms for the formation of Facebook content “directly contributed to the murders and other atrocities” committed by the Muslim minority of the Rohingja Muslim minority.

Pornhub used AI to distract users from illegal content

The British porn site Pornhub launched testing of an automated tool that “dissuades” users from searching for materials about cruelty with children.

In Beijing, bus drivers were obliged to wear “mood” bracelets

Beijing authorities obliged drivers of long -distance buses to wear electronic bracelets with technology for recognizing emotions to monitor their spiritual state.

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All published materials belong for forklog. You can reprint our materials only after agreeing with the editors and indicating the active link to FORKLOG.

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