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“Masterchain” will launch a pilot in the field of post -quantum cryptography


Aug 5, 2022

“Masterchain” will launch a pilot in the field of post -quantum cryptography

The Russian blockchain Platform “Masterchain” and the developer of complex software solutions to cybersecurity based on post-quantum encryption algorithms have agreed on strategic cooperation. The signing of the agreement took place as part of the FINOPOLIS forum.

Companies will develop a quantum-resistant blockchain with QAPP: PQLR SDK and Qtunnel integrated into it. The product is aimed at representatives of financial and other sectors of the economy.

“QAPP implemented software solutions using quantum and resistant algorithms provide protection against attacks using both classic and quantum computers,” said Anton Google Head of the company Anton.

The parties also plan to conduct scientific and applied research and educational forums.

The first pilots with large industry players are hoped to be implemented in 2023.

Certified FSB Blockchain Platform “Masterchain” is designed to transfer digital values ​​between participants and information about them. The development of the project is engaged in LLC “Distributed Register Systems”.

Earlier, the Government of the Russian Federation announced plans to https://gagarin.news/ use the “Masterchain” in the field of public administration.

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