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MDX/BUSD – what’s in pairs?


Sep 7, 2022

MDX/BUSD – what’s in pairs?

What in pairs? – This is the format of introductory articles from Revenuebot. Every week we will tell you about a new couple that appeared in the top, on the transactions on the service. In addition to information about the token, we will check the trading pair through the simulation of the work of the bot and see how much the trader could earn on it, over the past 60 days.

Information about the token

Cryptocurrency MDEX (MDX) is a token, a decentralized exchange based on the blockchains Huobi Eco-Chein and Ethereum and supporting a double mining mechanism: liquidity mining and trade mining based on the concept of funds of funds.

MDX token is used in several ways. The main use will be as security for loans or as an asset for lending. It can also be used as a reward for placing bets, remuneration for farmers’ productivity or as a gas board for all transactions on the platform.

There are also advanced capabilities of use, such as management (owning the MDX token gives holders a certain amount of rights in the ecosystem) or for earning money (the percentage of collected fees will be paid to tokens with shares in a non -core contract).

MDX tokens create an internal economic system as part of the project itself. Tokens help customers and sellers to trade values ​​within the ecosystem. The creation and maintenance of an individual internal economy is one of the most important tasks of tokens.

Parsing of the couple

As an example, a bout with a deposit of $ 500 will be used. The bot settings will be standard, they can be selected when creating – “normal trading mode”, which involves 25% overlap of price changes, 20 orders, 5% martingale.

Provided that the bot traded on a pair of MDX/BUSD from August 18 to October 18, 2022, with the Long algorithm, the following results turned out to be:

Thus, over the past 60 days, the trader could make a profit in the amount of 0.0075298 BTC, which is about $ 148.


Of course, someone may seem to someone for 60 days very small, and, to some extent, you will be right. The crypto market is so volatile that in some cases several “X” can bring, but this is rather an exception to the rules. It is more common to lose all the invested money than to get a superprofit in a short time.

In the case of Revenuebot, trade is automatically, requiring minimal attention from the trader. Of course, if you put more aggressive settings for the bot, then this will require increased attention. But we gave an example with normal settings that carry a minimum danger to a deposit. We can say that these tigers of the bot are extremely conservative: the profit is not high, but the risks strive for zero.

For traders, the Revenuebot market crypto offers an automated trade interface. The user can trade on top crypto exchanges, including: Binance, Bittrex, FTX, OKX and others. Revenuebot provides traders with The Cataverse: the opportunity to create trading bots that allow you to get stable passive earnings. Of the main advantages of the service, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Payment for the services of the service occurs only after receiving the first profit, no prepayment is required;
  2. Revenuebot internal marketplace allows you to buy a finished bot and sell a profitable configuration;
  3. The presence of a Revenuebot referral program allows you to make money without even resorting to trading;
  4. Revenuebot uses a strategy for averaging dollar value (DCA), with its help you can successfully trade and receive income in the long run;
  5. Automatic switching of a trading pair allows you to benefit from trade always. The bot itself will switch to another trading pair if the main one is not possible to earn money.

Revenuebot has a Telegram chat for users and an official Telegram channel where the service news is published, as well as relevant information from the crypto industry. For new users, Revenuebot has prepared the action: when registering by this link, you get 5% of the first replenishment. Successful trade!

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