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Aug 4, 2022


Experts and leaders of opinions about the situation in the digital economy and in the cryptocurrency market.

The expert announced the shortcomings of accounting and operational control with Celsius

The bankrupt Celsius platform could not establish sufficient records and operational control for handling clients. This was stated by an independent expert Nod Pillai.

Edward Snowden criticized Coinbase for supporting the regulation of crypto industry

Accredited Singaporean

Former USSR employee and US CIA Edward Snowden said that the excessive commitment of the Coinbase bitcoin excretion to compliance with regulatory requirements prevents the development of the digital assets industry.

Billionaire Bill Akman supported the crypto industry and revealed his investments

A billionaire investor and CEO Pershing Square Capital Bill Akman optimistically appreciated the prospects of cryptocurrencies, despite recent events in the industry, including FTX collapse.

The lawyer doubted the proper examination of investments in FTX

Investors in the bankrupt exchange of FTX ignored the warning signals contained directly in presentations to rounds. This conclusion was reached by Simmons partner & Simmons George Morris, reports The Block.

Exchangers of the law: experts estimated the new mining bill in the Russian Federation

If the Russian mining bill is adopted in the current version, this will entail the creation of the Black Black Market in the country and the withdrawal of the extracted assets abroad. For FORKLOG, interviewed experts said this.

Kevin O’liri announced his readiness to support Bankman-Fried in a new project

Investor and star of the Shark Tank television show Kevin O’Lii announced the desire to support ex-s-ftx Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) if they launch a new startup.

Tim Draper did not refuse to forecast the growth in bitcoin price to $ 250,000

The price of bitcoin will reach $ 250,000 by the beginning of 2023, despite the crisis caused by the collapse of FTX. This was stated by a venture investor and billionaire Tim Draper in an interview with Cointelegraph.

Coinbase predicted prolonged cryptosima due to ftx collapse

FTX collapse undermined the trust of investors and is able to extend the cryptosima until the end of 2023. This point of view is adhere to Coinbase analysts.

Salvadora President called ftx the opposite of bitcoin

Salvadora President Nayb Bookel said the first cryptocurrency was created to prevent financial pyramids and banking panic.

The US congressman accused the crypto -milliarders of deterrence of industry regulation

Member of the House of US Representatives Brad Sherman accused cryptocurrency billionaires of lobbying their interests in Washington to contain digital assets regulation of the industry.

Bloomberg was unlikely to return FTX customers of their funds

FTX liquid assets reserves are only $ 900 million, while its obligations are estimated at ~ $ 9 billion. This follows from the presentation for investors, which was prepared by Bitcoin-Birzha before submitting a bankruptcy statement, writes Bloomberg.

Chanpen Zhao and Michael Saylor were called to independently store crypto assets

The head of Bitcoin-Birzhi Binance Chanpan Zhao called the independent storage of assets “one of the main human rights”, but warned of “expensive mistakes”.

Nydig chairman called to choose bitcoin instead of altcoins

The founder of the NEW York Digital Investment Group Ross Ross Stevens called for the crypto industry participants to invest exclusively in Bitcoin.

Chanpen Zhao warned of a “cascading” crisis in the crypto industry

The current situation in the cryptocurrency industry is echoing with the financial crisis of 2008, and in the coming weeks even more companies may crash. This opinion was expressed by CEO Binance Chanpeng Zhao, writes Financial Times.

Gref gave the recommendation of the Central Bank and the government regarding the blockchain

The head of Sberbank German Gref once again mentioned the prospects of blockchain technology and condemned its strict regulation in the Russian Federation.

Twitter rejected the advertising publication criticizing Tesla’s autopilot

The Dawn Project has announced Twitter to promote the publication criticizing the Tesla Full Self-Driving unmanned driving system.

Opinion: The Mica bill will simplify the work of crypto companies in Europe

The Mica cryptocurrency regulation bill will benefit small companies related to digital assets. This opinion in an interview with Cointelegraph was expressed by the executive vice president of the European Binance division Martin Brunko.

Coin Metrics called the possible cause of FTX crisis

In the second quarter of 2022, the FTX cryptocurrency exchange could provide “major financial assistance” by Alameda Research, which ultimately led to serious consequences. This conclusion was reached by the head of the department R&D in Coin Metrics Lucas NUCSI.

Experts predicted “uncomfortable turbulence” in the market due to FTX and BINANCE conflict

The confrontation between Binance and FTX in the bear market in the short term threatens significant shocks for players, said Forklog experts interviewed.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation supported the idea of ​​digitalizing finance without bitcoin payments

The head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina once again opposed the use of cryptocurrencies in the calculations.

Michael Seilor saw in Bitcoin “Hope” for Lebanon

The former head of Microstrategy Michael Sailor called the first cryptocurrency “Nadezhda” for Lebanon, whose national currency fell 96% to the US dollar.

Arthur Hayes called the digital currency of the central banks “pure evil”

Former CEO Bitcoin-Birzhi Bitmex Arthur Hayes called CBDC an ideal tool for governments and an encroachment on sovereignty over honest transactions between people.

CEO Animoca Brands: The creation of metavselny will take at least 10 years

The head of the operator of the blockchain-game Animoca Brands Robbie Jung, as part of a performance on Web Summit, called the creation of virtual worlds “Long-term plan”.

Tim Draper repeated his forecast about Bitcoin $ 250,000

A billionaire Tim Draper during a performance on Web Summit 2022 predicted the increase in the price of the first cryptocurrency to the level of $ 250,000 by mid -2023.

Experts calculated the benefits of Microstrategy from investing in Ethereum instead of bitcoin

Instead of a loss of $ 1.3 billion, Microstrategy could earn $ 1.6 billion, if instead of bitcoin invested in Ethereum, the authors of the Blockchain Center resource calculated.

Allianz economist excluded the growth of bitcoin above $ 100,000

The mass acceptance of bitcoin is unlikely, as well as the growth of its price above $ 100,000. This was stated by the chief economic adviser to the ALLIANZ Assets Mohamed Ali El-Erian.

Opinion: Large oil and gas companies master mining

Heshrait Bitcoin established a new maximum, the founder of Capriole Investments Charles Edwards drew attention. The expert suggested that this is due to the advent of large energy players in the industry.

Chanpeng Zhao discussed the prospects of Twitter under the “unpredictable” Ilona Mask

Elon Musk is quite unpredictable, but this will positively affect the development of Twitter. This was stated by CEO Binance Chanpen Zhao during the web sammit in Lisbon.

The digital ruble was mentioned in the documentary on the history of finance of the Russian Federation

The head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov called the digital currency of the Central Bank (CBDC) interesting in terms of use for state expenses.

The UN announced the use of cryptocurrencies with “advanced” terrorists

Terrorist groups turned to cryptocurrencies to finance activities. This was stated by the representative of the UN Svetlana Martynova.

Arthur Hayes allowed China to return to crypto industry through Hong Kong

Former CEO Bitcoin-Birzhi Bitmex Arthur Hayes spoke about the possibility of China’s return to the digital asset industry using Hong Kong.

The expert predicted the growth of the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market up to $ 300 trillion

Former Goldman Sachs top manager and macro-investor Raul Pal allowed the growth of the total capitalization of the digital assets market up to $ 300 trillion in the next 10-15 years.

Vitalik Buterin listed the advantages of cryptocurrencies over gold

Ethereum co -founder Vitalik Buterin in response to the replica of the American cartoonist Zach Winersmith listed the three main advantages of cryptocurrencies over gold.

The analyst predicted bitcoin growth to $ 30,000 in November

Trader and analyst Michael Van de Poppe predicted the increase in the price of the first cryptocurrency to the level of $ 30,000 over the next two to three weeks.

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All published materials belong for forklog. You can reprint our materials only after agreeing with the editors and indicating the active link to FORKLOG.

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