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The DockerCon launched a blockchain for decentralized control of the GIT-library


Nov 21, 2022

The DockerCon launched a blockchain for decentralized control of the GIT-library

The DockerCon conference announced the launch of the GIT Open Source Hodler (GOSH) project – a blockchain for storing and managing the libraries of source code. He works on the EVERSCALE protocol.

“GIT systems available today are not safe https://gagarin.news/news/why-cryptocurrencies-are-experiencing-a-decline/ and were not originally intended for open code projects. The Office of the software always implies the transfer of the code to some centralized side, and there was still no way to manage the code libraries through the community. Gosh changes this, allowing developers to turn GIT-referens into Tao and build a system of achievement of a collective consensus, ”said Dmitry Goroshevsky, Technical Director of Everx, presenting the project.

Any changes in the repository are recorded and stored by onchain. According to the creators, this will allow you to track and verify new additions to the code instead of relying on social metrics, such as “stars” and ratings. All elements in libraries on a new blockchain can be tracked up to the source code.

Gosh became a member of the Docker Extensions program, and Gosh DoCker was also released as part of the project. Thanks to him, developers can confirm that the application container is written using components only from original smart contracts.

The new blockchain platform is already used by the developers of Amaze and Bitrezus.

Evescale has previously introduced Amaze in collaboration in its platform for creating sites NFT support without the need to write a code.

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