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Crypto industry state report: October 2022


Nov 28, 2022

Crypto industry state report: October 2022

Within a month, the cryptocurrency was able to compensate for the early losses and completed October with a positive yield of 8%. In addition, this month, some of the main cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ether, broke the key levels of resistance. If you are interested in how things are with the main cryptocurrencies, check out the daily news by the link by link.

This month was nicknamed Haktebrem due to hacks and exploits who flooded Defi. Defi credit protocols have lost millions How to add a network of dollars due to manipulations with oracles of illiquid tokens.

The purpose of this report for such a rich October is to give a comprehensive assessment of moods both within the network and beyond, as well as the current state of NFT. In addition, the main theme of this month will be devoted to key news and updates in the Defi space, as well as what we can extract from them in the conditions of the current protracted bear market.

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