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Peter Schiff accused Michael Saylor of Bitcoin “pumping”


Nov 30, 2022

Peter Schiff accused Michael Saylor of Bitcoin “pumping”

Gold supporter Peter Schiff criticized the former CEO Microstrategy Michael Salor and CNBC TV channel for Bitcoin, accusing them of the first cryptocurrency.

The investor recalled that the US Securities https://gagarin.news/news/gemini-offers-staking-to-users-in-hong-kong-singapore-and-the-us/ and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently fined the Kim Kardashian model for illegally promoting altcoin Ethereummax (EMAX).

According to the shiff, the regulator should pay attention to completely different influons.

“SEC fined Kardashian for $ 1.2 million per pumping cryptocurrencies. What about real “pumps”? Seilor received much more from pumping crypto than Kim. Or CNBC, who paid millions for advertising crypto companies? And then he is a non -stop pump Bitcoin, providing the industry for representatives of the industry, ”Shiff wrote.

Seilor retorted that Bitcoin is a product, not a security, and its advertising is as legal as the advance of “steel, aluminum, concrete, glass or granite”.

“The BTC network is an open protocol that offers utilitarian advantages similar to roads, railways, radio, telephone, television, Internet or English,” he added.

His opinion was supported by the co -founder and CEO Blockstream Adam back. He noted that the advertised Kardashian token the regulator recognized the securities of the Haui test.

“Bitcoin is similar to digital gold, and not to securities. Seilor can talk about him in the same way as you have been talking about physical gold for decades, ”he said criticism.

Schiff doubted the correctness of the classification of the first cryptocurrency by regulators. According to him, Bitcoin “does not have a single characteristic of real goods”.

Already at the end of the discussion, the investor again turned to criticism of the first cryptocurrency:

“Markets begin to form prices for the Federal Reserve Point, and bitcoin can not even stay above $ 20,000. On the contrary, gold grew by 6%, silver – by 15%, Vaneck Junior Gold Mins ETF – 24%. Bitcoin – already everything. He is not hedge from inflation and will not grow when the Fed will turn [raising bets], ”Shiff believes.

Recall that in August the investor announced the likelihood of the fall of the first cryptocurrency to marks about $ 10,000, repeating his May forecast.

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