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Industrial mining farms, how they are arranged


Dec 6, 2022

Industrial mining farms, how they are arranged

Large miners use correction to buy equipment at reduced prices. Due to the growing complexity of the network, market participants must regularly increase the capacity. In 2022, it is best to obtain BTC on your own in the conditions of industrial mining farm. Equipment is placed in the data centers or the hangars are built. Large miners rent abandoned factories. To save on electricity and cooling, farms are launched in a cold climate next to heat and hydroelectric power plants.

What is industrial mining

In 2022, the profitability of BTC production decreased due to the fall in the course and increase the complexity of the blockchain. But for owners of powerful farms, cryptocurrency minting is the profitable business. Bitcoin industrial mining begins with energy consumption of 15 kW/h. Such equipment cannot be installed at home. Power cables of power and powerful heat voltage will be required.

The average price of electricity in the country is 3.1 kW/h. In Irkutsk and Norilsk, when concluding an agreement with a power station, the cost is even lower-1.2-2.5 kW/h. In such conditions, the business will be profitable until Bitcoin drops below $ 3 thousand.

According to the University of Cambridge, the amount of electricity equal to the consumption of residents and factories of a small country – Belgium or Switzerland is spent on BTC production per year. To reduce expenses, some states have forced to ban mining (China, Abkhazia). At the end of 2021, the Sweden authorities called for limiting coins in the EU. There are no such problems in Russia. Since the USSR, hydroelectric power station has been built taking into account an increase in generating capacities.

To start industrial mining, you need:

  1. Make a business plan. It is necessary to choose a coin, calculate the potential income and payback of investments on the calculator.
  2. Determine the location of the farm. You need to strive to reduce operating expenses. Many entrepreneurs install equipment in cold regions (Irkutsk, Bratsk, Norilsk) to save on electricity and cooling. Some miners place it in the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Belarus). In this case, it is necessary to take into account the difficulties with transporting equipment and legal risks.
  3. Find the room. For the farm you can build an angar, convert warehouses, modular buildings. Another option is to rent an abandoned factory. Beginning miners can remove cells in the data center.
  4. Buy and launch equipment. You can purchase a finished farm from a developer (dealer). A set of equipment will cost 8-60 million rubles. For launch, you need to check the asci for performance and install antivirus. To work on the GPU, you will need to additionally download the Mainer program.

Coin mining – continuous process. The equipment works under high loads and needs regular maintenance. To carry out prevention and timely elimination of malfunctions, experienced engineers will be required. At least 20 employees need to be involved in a 10 MW farm to serve a farm. Salary costs will amount to about 35-50 million rubles.

A large expenditure item is the creation of engineering infrastructure. To use electricity, you need to build a network that lowers the voltage. The minimum price of components and work is 30-50 million rubles. A stable Internet satellite canal or fiber -fiber cable is also needed. You should form a supply of capacities in case of force majeure or an increase in hash. The construction of the infrastructure will take 0.76-4.5 billion rubles, depending on the climate. In the northern regions, you can save on cooling.

Mining on ASIC

Algorithms of top blockchains are complicated. In 2022, bitcoin can only be mined on integrated chips. The table contains the advantages of a farm on asks.

The cost of asics directly depends on the quotes of cryptocurrencies. In the growing market in May 2021, the miner could be bought for $ 15 thousand. In the spring of 2022 the price fell to $ 7 thousand. In June 2022, the BTC rate dropped below $ 19 thousand. ASIK manufacturers stopped receiving orders. So far, you can purchase ASIC from resellers or in the secondary market. It should be borne in mind that many data centers do not place obsolete models.

Equipment manufacturers

In 2022, industrial mining farms were focused on the production of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other top coins. ASIC and video cards are used for mining. In the production of integrated schemes, they are leading:

  • Bitmain. The Chinese company produces ASIKs for BTC, ETH, ZEC, Dash production. In 2022, the share of Bitmain in the world market ASIC exceeds 70%.
  • Canaan. The company produces Bitcoin mining technique and coins on the SHA256 algorithm. In 2022, Canaan produces more than 20% of miners in the world.

Other companies (Intel, Innosilicon, Whatsminer, Goldshell Baikal, Bitfury) occupy a small part of the market. However, asics harm blockchain decentralization. Powerful miners concentrate a hashReit in a narrow circle of large investors. This increases the risk of attacks 51%. Therefore, cryptocurrency developers modernize algorithms to protect against ASIC. In 2022, it is still profitable to get altcoins on video cards. In the production of GPU companies are leading:

  • NVIDIA. Video cards are popular due to energy efficiency and good support for the developer. The company regularly updates drivers, opens service centers in many countries of the world.
  • AMD. Graphic processors do not have protection against BIOS casting. Therefore, experienced users can significantly increase the performance of cards (up to 70%). The company’s chips are also used in GPU BIOSTAR, MSI, TUL.


In a business plan for mining, calculation is carried out in units of equipment. Take into account expenses (cost of equipment, wiring, maintenance, accommodation, communications) for each th/s. The calculation of profitability also includes the following parameters:

  • Cryptocurrency inconsistency. Usually laid the average exchange rate for fiat. If the price falls below medians, profit is spent only on covering costs. With an increase in the course, some of the digital assets are accumulated in the insurance fund (in USDC or USDT). This money will be required when the profit from mining will not be enough to cover monthly expenses.
  • Regular update of equipment. A more powerful technique appears every year, the complexity of the blockchains is growing. Outdated devices are sold in a secondary market with a discount of not more than 50%.
  • Current expenses. Miners pay for electricity, hosting, work of employees. It is also necessary to take into account the costs of transporting equipment to the data center and mobile containers for the placement of equipment (if necessary).
  • Commissions when exchanging for fiat and taxes. Market participants pay taxes according to general rules-6-13%. To transfer cryptocurrency to a fiat through an exchange or exchanger, you need to pay the commission 2-10%.
  • Launch of the Date Center. For large entrepreneurs with large capacities, it is more profitable to build a farm than to rent cells in mining hotels. In the calculation, you need to include the price of the room, electrical wiring, cooling, the Internet.

In 2022, against the background of the general correction of the market, the profitability of industrial mining decreased. To recoup the equipment and make a profit of 30-50% (subject to the sale of equipment and leaving the market), you need to continuously mines coins for at least 3 years.


Many users see in reducing coins and equipment a chance to enter the market. However, only GPU major can count on https://gagarin.news/news/shib-the-metaverse-over-100-000-land-plots-for-sale-in-ethereum/ discounts. ASIC manufacturers have suspended sales of equipment. New Asic can only be purchased from resellers.

Mining business is associated with increased risks. Before starting a large farm, you need to calculate profitability. Big investments will be required to buy equipment. It is also necessary to pay for electricity, repair and maintenance of equipment every month.

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