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Hetzner provider forbade launching nodes on his servers


Dec 5, 2022

Hetzner provider forbade launching nodes on his servers

The large German hosting provider Hetzner said that the FTX CEO will donate use of its servers for launching software for cryptocurrency mining violates the rules of the company. Twitter users drew attention to the comment on Sabredite R/Hetzner.

“The use of our products for any applications related to mining is not even remote, is not allowed. Including Ethereum. […] Even if you just run one node, we will calculate this by a violation of our rules, ”the official representative of the cloud provider said in a statement.

According to Ethernodes, at the time of writing on Hetzner accounts for 16% of Ethereum NODs. The leader is Amazon Web Services.

“Given that 16% of Ethereum Pow nodes work on your platform, but they are transferred to POS, can you explain to your customers why you really do not allow this?”, – asked one of the users Reddit.

Another commentator added that such a position “is about to become a PR catastrophe for Hetzner”.

“It is clear why you have banned mining, but it is inexplicable why you banned the nodes,” he said.

The statement of the representative of Hetzner caused criticism in the community. The developer under the nickname Banteg noted that “such a provider does not inspire confidence”.

In Any Case, Such Provider sod Inspire Confidence for Any Mission Critical Stuff

– Banteg (@bantg) August 26, 2022

Earlier, Messari analysts drew attention to the fact that Amazon Web Services, Hetzner and OVH account for 69% of Ethereum NODs of 65% of the Date Centers. SOLANA has 72% of 95% of GCDs in the same infrastructure players.

Recall that in May 2021, Hetzner banned mining on their servers after users began to extract Chia cryptocurrency with their help.

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