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The robot testified, Dall-E 2 appeared in Microsoft 365 and other news from the world of AI


Dec 9, 2022

The robot testified, Dall-E 2 appeared in Microsoft 365 and other news from the world of AI

We strive to inform readers not only about events in the Bitcoin industry, but also to talk about what is happening in related technological spheres-cybersecurity in the world of artificial intelligence (AI).

Forklog Ai has collected the most important news from the world of AI over the past week.

  • META introduced VR team Quest Pro.
  • Microsoft announced a number of new functions for cloud service and office applications.
  • Google Ai introduced a model for reconstructing a fragmentation music.
  • Owners of the iPhone 14 complained about the false operation of the warning functions of an accident during trips on the rides.
  • Image generators used VR-worlds dynamic drawing.
  • In Japan, robo cars were equipped with “eyes”.
  • The most important transactions from the field of AI in the last week.

META introduced VR team Quest Pro

META introduced a Queest Pro virtual reality helmet with tracking eye movements and facial facial expressions. The announcement took place at the Connect 2022 event.

The headset is equipped with ten cameras facing both inside and out. Some of the sensors are monitored by the user’s face and transfer facial expressions to his digital avatar. The rest of the sensors capture the image of the surrounding world for visualization in the virtual space.

The device is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+processor, 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. The headset received two screens with a resolution of 1800 × 1920 pixels by eye and update frequency 90 Hz.

Quest Pro will go on sale on October 25, 2022 at a price of $ 1,500.

The company also included cooperation with Microsoft for transferring the Teams, Office, Windows and Xbox Cloud Gaming services to virtual reality.

In addition, the head of META Mark Tsuckerberg spoke about the creation of new AR-tricks in partnership with Ray-Ban.

New Azure and Microsoft 365 are announced

Microsoft at the IGNITE 2022 conference has introduced a number of improvements for the Azure cloud platform. Among them:

  • finished AI model for Form Recognizer, which automatically extracts a unique contents from contracts;
  • Integration of the Dall-E 2 algorithm into the Azure Openai service to create creative content;
  • expanded possibilities of understanding and generalizing information from documents and language support for Cognitive Service for Language;
  • new functions of speech synthesis and transforming conversations into text for Speech Service;
  • The option of extracting visual characteristics from images to control digital assets in Azure Computer Vision;
  • Automatic creation of software code in text using Openai Codex for Power Automate.

Also at the Surface event, the company introduced a number of AI products for Microsoft 365 customers, including the Syntex service for processing documents and the Designer application with support for images generator in the Dall-E 2 text.

Google Ai introduced a model for reconstructing a fragmentation music

Google’s AI unit introduced the Audiolm system that can recreate the musical composition of the passage.

The developers said that the algorithm required a few seconds of audio to predict the continuation. The system can generate even complex sounds like the piano melody and the speech of people that correspond to the style of the original sample and are almost indistinguishable from it.

According to Google AI, Audiolm will accelerate the process of teaching Audio generation. In the future, the model can be used to create musical accompaniment to the video.

Opinion: more $ 100 billion on unmanned technologies to no avail to no avail

The expert in the field of robotics Anthony Lewandovsky said that modern systems have not reached complete autonomy in the near future. According to him, computers are still too “stupid” and they can confuse any elementary obstacle.

Lewandowski believes that the maximum that modern drones are capable of is work in closed controlled conditions like dump trucks in careers.

According to the expert, skepticism in relation to Robokars arose in him in 2018. However, he recognized the achievements of Tesla and admitted that someday the company would release a truly unmanned car.

The Netherlands recognized surveillance of the employee through the webcam illegal

The Netherlands Court called the requirement to include a webcam to monitor employees during work by violation of human rights.

In August 2022, the American software developer of Chetu hired a telemarketologist from the Netherlands. The company ordered the employee to enter the system during the work day, demonstrate the computer screen and turn on the webcam. When he opposed observation, he was fired for the “refusal to work” and “disobedience”.

The court ruled that “Instructions on the inclusion of webcams do not respect the private life of employees”.

Chetu was ordered to pay a restoration of $ 48,660, including reimbursement of legal costs, wage arrears and illegal dismissal. The company was also obliged to cancel the point of non -competing.

Media: Apple iPhone 14 recognizes skiing on attractions as an accident

Several iPhone 14 users complained that their device recognized skating on the attraction as an accident.

According to The Wall Street Journal, devices with the Crash Detection function define a trip on the American hill as an emergency and automatically notify the service 911 about this. The police repeatedly came to calls to entertainment parks due to the fact that the sensors took turns and a sharp braking of the attraction for the accident.

Crash Detection is integrated into the iPhone 14 smartphones and the Watch Series 8, Watch Se and Watch Ultra smartphones. The function uses a gyroscope, accelerometer and an algorithm trained on numerous imitations of automobile accidents.

The Google Meets has a video substance decryption function

Google Meet calls were taught to automatically decipher video statements.

The function transfers speech to the text and adds a transcript of the conversation to the “Documents”. Automatic decoding is available for meetings in English, but in 2023 the support of French, German, Spanish and Portuguese will appear.

In the future, the company promised to expand the MEET capabilities automatic creation of analytical reports of conversations.

Also, the Meet added support for adaptive coding using Huddly and Logitech AI-camera for constant holding the interlocutor in the frame.

AI used VR-worlds in the drawing

The enthusiast involved a neural network to create constantly changing virtual worlds.

The developer used the Stable Diffusion algorithm and TouchDesigner visual programming tool. He created several VR scenes, objects for which generated neurosity at a text request.

The project is at an early stage of development. However, according to the engineer, he was already able to achieve the creation of full-fledged VR scenes, which will be reality in real time at 60 FPS.

AI-DA “testified” in the British parliament

The AI-DA robocoupler “testified” to the Committee on Communication and Digital Technologies of https://gagarin.news/news/how-does-the-fed-interest-rate-affect-bitcoin/ the House of Lords as part of an investigation about the future of the art industry in the UK.

At the beginning of the hearing, the chairman of the commission Tina Stowell noted the “seriousness” of the meeting and clarified that the device provides evidence and cannot be considered a witness or take the status of an equal person. She clarified that the AI-DA creator Eidan Melller is fully responsible for the application of the system.

The robot gave pre-prepared answers to the questions of the members of the commission using the language and model. During the hearing, the device made mistakes in words, sometimes experienced difficulties in conversation and turned off.

When AI-DA was asked about creating art, she referred to the use of cameras in her eyes, artificial intelligence algorithms and manipulators.

Also during the hearing, the robot said that AI could become a “threat and opportunity” for artists.

In Japan, robo cars were equipped with “eyes”

Researchers from Tokyo and Kyoto Universities proposed equipping drones with “eyes”. According to them, obvious signs of detecting specific obstacles will help reduce the risk of collisions with pedestrians.

Robo machine equipped with “eyes”. Data: YouTube channel Adonischang.

As an experiment, scientists equipped golf car with two large mobile “eyes” and attracted 18 men and women aged 18 to 49 years. They suggested that the respondents with the help of the VR harnation go to the robot, having three seconds to evaluate the situation.

It turned out that the subjects crossed the road less often when the “eyes” of the golf-car turned to the side, but felt safer if the drone “looked” at them.

The most important transactions from the field of AI in the last week

From October 9 to 15, 2022, startups in the field of artificial intelligence attracted over $ 89.6 million. We give the most interesting transactions.

  • TrendSi attracted $ 25 million to improve the technology for eliminating risks in supply chains for retail business.
  • The supplier of the biometric authentication system Ironvest raised $ 23 million.
  • Foxglove received $ 15 million for infrastructure development to create robots.
  • Levity raised $ 8.3 million to support the platform for automation of work processes.
  • Alvin attracted $ 6 million to expand the command to create a service to track data and improve their quality.
  • Developers of the analytical platform for sustainable development of Continue AI received $ 5.7 million.
  • Yummy received $ 3.7 million to support technology for food planning and purchases.
  • SecondSight attracted $ 3 million to promote efforts to withdraw under the cyber insurance market of the underwriting platform “from the inside out”.

Also on FORKLOG:

  • In Moscow, data will be collected from all Russian street surveillance cameras.
  • The US military complained about the malaise while using Hololens headsets.
  • China showed the landing of armed robops with a drone.
  • AI taught to guess passwords on thermal tracks on the keyboard.
  • Dipfake Joe Rogan interviewed the fake Steve Jobs.
  • Scientists have created an easy exoskeleton with artificial intelligence.

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