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SEC accused the organizers of Trade Coin Club of $ 295 million fraud


Sep 15, 2022

SEC accused the organizers of Trade Coin Club of $ 295 million fraud

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged four organizers of the Trade Coin Club cryptocurrency pyramid.

WE Charged Douver Torres Braga, Joff Paradise, Keleionalani Akana Taylor, and Jonathan Tetreaut for Their Roles in Trade Coin Club, $ 295 Milion Fraudulent Crypto Ponzi.

– U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (@secgov) November 4, 2022

According to SEC, Trade Coin Club attracted 82,000 BTC in the amount of $ 295 million from more than 100,000 investors around the world from 2016 to 2018.

According to the prosecution, the company promised to depositors a minimum profitability of 0.35% per day, which was allegedly provided by the bot for trading of cryptocurrency assets.

The Dapper Labs Blocked commissions are sure that Trade Coin Club deceived investors and acted on the principle of Ponzi’s scheme.

The accusations of assigning funds in Bitcoin were brought by the Douvere of Torres Brage ($ 55 million), Joff Paradise ($ 1.4 million), Keleonalani Akane Taylor ($ 2.6 million) and Jonathan Tetro ($ 625,000).

Recall that in October, the Brazilian police opened a cryptocurrency pyramid by € 780 million.

Earlier, the SEC accused eleven people of creating and promoting the Ponzi Forsage scheme, which attracted more than $ 300 million from investors from around the world.

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