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The burger network hired robopovars, the enthusiast developed the Pokemon generator and other news from the world of AI


Dec 14, 2022

The burger network hired robopovars, the enthusiast developed the Pokemon generator and other news from the world of AI

We strive to inform readers not only about events in the Bitcoin industry, but also to talk about what is happening in related technological spheres-cybersecurity, and now in the world of artificial intelligence (AI).

Forklog Ai has collected the most important news from the world of AI over the past week.

  • The Government of the Russian Federation approved the development plan of AI in the regions.
  • Human rights activists discovered 25,000 cameras in New York, who follow the townspeople in public space.
  • In South Korea, they created a diplay of a presidential candidate to draw youth attention to the elections.
  • Member of the House of Representatives of Aidaho has developed a bill prohibiting AI to gain “personality”.
  • Eric Schmidt launched a $ 125 million fund for the research of “problematic AI”.
  • Research: People trust synthesized persons more than real.
  • The network of fast food restaurants White Castle will “hire” robopovars in 100 establishments.
  • The enthusiast created the neurogenrator of Pokemon.
  • The most important transactions from the field of AI in the last week.

Russian regions and mincifers have developed a development plan for AI

The regional authorities of the Russian Federation, together with the Ministry of Construction, developed a roadmap of development of AI in 2022. The document is previously approved by the Department of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko.

The action plan contains 17 points. It includes the collection by regorred data for learning algorithms and ensuring access to them to local authorities. The document also provides for the development of computational resources and the development of mechanisms for creating scientific and production consortiums for testing AI.

Among the performers in the roadmap are “Sber”, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance.

By December 2022, the regional government needs to select the best projects in the field of AI.

The budget of the plan has not yet been approved.

Research: New York authorities follow the townspeople with the help of 25,000 cameras

About 25,000 cameras with the recognition of persons were identified in New York, most of which are installed in areas of ethnic minorities. Experts said this “disproportionately threatens the rights of non -good inhabitants of the city”.

In January 2021, the International organization of Amnesty International launched the Ban The Scan campaign, in which 7,000 volunteers checked 45,000 intersections and found 25,500 recording devices. According to researchers, of which about 3300 cameras are used by the authorities and law enforcement officers.

Human rights activists have revealed that the largest number of devices in areas with a high concentration of representatives of ethnic minorities are concentrated in Bronx, Brooklyn and Quins.

Concentration of video surveillance cameras in all five areas of New York. Data: Amnesty International.

Activists also investigated the relationship between the number of cameras and police searches. They assigned each section a “level of observation” in accordance with the number of state cameras per 1000 inhabitants. The areas with a high level were more often subjected to police practices “stop and search”.

In Aydaho, they will be banned by artificial intelligence to find “personality”

The State Committee of the House of Representatives of Aidaho (USA) approved a bill prohibiting artificial intelligence to obtain the status of “personality”. The document has already been submitted to the vote.

The project aims to prevent any future efforts to provide technologies, inanimate objects or animals of the same legal rights as in people.

According to a member of the House of Representatives Tammy Nichols, some organizations want to assign inhuman objects the status of a “person” to restrict access to some natural resources.

“It is impossible for children to be inferior to artificial intelligence or become one level with reservoirs and trees,” she added.

In South Korea, a diplay of a presidential candidate was created

In South Korea, they created a diplay of a presidential candidate to attract young voters in the elections on March 9, 2021.

Cameras and microphones installed in the city automatically fix the volume of passing vehicles. If the level of noise published by the car exceeds the permissible value, the algorithm recognizes the number of the car and sends the driver to the mail appropriate notification.

The document contains an indication to the owner to bring a car to a place determined by the Department for the inspection and installation of the muffler. In case of refusal, the offender faces a fine of up to $ 875 and additional penalties for ignoring the agenda.

According to DEC, on June 30, 2022, the New York authorities will reconsider the appropriateness of the use of the system, as a result of which it will expand or stop using it.

II-Annotator appeared in Google Docs

Google has added to the service with text documents the function of automatic creation of reports.

The tool using artificial intelligence analyzes multi -page text, selects important information and forms a short presentation. The user can also create a manual summary.

Research: People trust synthesized persons more than real

Scientists from the University of Lancaster and the University of California at Berkeley conducted a study and found that synthesized faces cause more trust in people than real.

Researchers asked the respondents to distinguish between the Stylegan2 persons generated by the photo of real people.

In the first experiment, 315 participants were classified by 128 images of 800 available. Their accuracy was 48%. In the second, 219 new subjects trained in advance to recognize fakes checked 128 pictures from the same dataset. Their accuracy increased to 59%.

In the third experiment, 223 respondents were offered to evaluate 128 persons for “reliability” from 1 (very unreliable) to 7 (very reliable). As a result, the level of trust in synthesized images was 7.7% higher.

The Burger White Castle network hired robopovars

In 2022, Miso Robotics will launch Flippy 2 robopovars in 100 Burgeri White Castle.

The device using AI determines the type of food, places it in the desired basket for frying, cooks and puts it in a hot storage area.

According to the company, Flippy 2 is able to independently process 60 https://gagarin.news/news/no-vasil-for-now-cardanos-hard-fork-update-postponed/ baskets per hour or do about 300 hamburgers per day.

The enthusiast created the Pokemon generator

Machine learning engineer developed Nokémon neuroons generator.

He used a model to create pictures on the text description of Dall-E from Openai. The engineer taught the algorithm on the images of all Pokemon indicating their types of attributes.

In a web application, users can indicate a specific character or its element, after which AI generates the appropriate option. We at Forklog AI chose Pokemon of Slopok as a basis, and this is what Nokémon gave out.

The most important transactions from the field of AI in the last week

From February 13 to 19, 2022, startups in the field of artificial intelligence attracted more than $ 166 million. We give the most interesting transactions.

  • OverView attracted $ 10 million to support AI platform for visual detection of defects on a production line.
  • Exodigo raised $ 29 million to expand the development of the software developers to create three -dimensional cards of underground spaces and structures.
  • The creators of the Service for the Collection and Processing of Production Data Instrument received $ 50 million.
  • Raydiant raised $ 30 million to accelerate the creation of digital signs for stores.
  • Nanonets attracted $ 10 million to scaling software for automation of documents processing.
  • The creators of digital AI Vitrin for Voila online Cristers received $ 6 million.
  • Duplocloud raised $ 15 million for the development and marketing of IAC products.
  • Atommerce attracted $ 16.7 million to scaling the platform to provide psychological assistance.

Also on FORKLOG:

  • Openai co -founder allowed the presence of consciousness in artificial intelligence.
  • Neuralink Ilona Mask was accused of brutal handling of animals.
  • Texas sued META due to the use of person recognition system.
  • Artificial intelligence learned to flirt and admit love.
  • American senators called for an alternative to an ID recognition system.me.
  • Engineers accelerated the training of neural networks on the CPU by more than doubled.

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