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Sam Bankman-Fried announced the new version of FTX


Dec 22, 2022

Sam Bankman-Fried announced the new version of FTX

On November 21, the FTX cryptocurrency exchange will be updated to the second version. This was stated by CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.

3) We’ll Be Rolling Out a Whole New Order Matcher, Lower Latency Api Pathways, and the Whole Slew of OFTher Features.

These have been in the works for most of the year.

They’re Almost Ready to Release.

– SBF (@sbf_ftx) October 10, 2022

According to him, the release includes a “completely new” new mechanism for comparing orders aimed at increasing the speed of their execution and reducing delays. The update is also designed to improve the operation of the API and “many other functions”.

“We plan to deploy some functions over the next month,” the head of the exchange wrote.

In August, the media reported that FTX revenue in 2021 exceeded $ 1 billion – an indicator by about 10 times more than in the previous period ($ 90 million).

Previously, the crypto officer made a partnership with https://gagarin.news/news/pay-pal-added-support-for-cryptocurrencies-to-the-mobile-app/ ParadigM to launch the trade in futures spreads.

Recall that in October FTX announced the release of VISA debit card in more than 40 countries of Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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