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The difficulty of Bitcoin mining set a new record


Dec 14, 2022

The difficulty of Bitcoin mining set a new record

As a result of the next recalculation, the difficulty of mining of the first cryptocurrency increased by 3.44%, to the new maximum at the mark of 36.84 T.

The average hashReit was fixed above the level of 260 eh/s. The interval between blocks for the period from the previous complexity correction was 9 minutes. 40 sec.

According to Glassnode, the maximum value of the Bitcoin network computing power (smoothed with a 7-day sliding average one) was recorded on October 11-over 266 eh/s. As of October 23, the indicator decreased to 261.6 eh/s.

Specialists of the analytical company noted that the hashprais reached a record low level at $ 66,500 per 1 eh/s.

“This means that bitcoin major earn the smallest in history rewards for the heated heated. This is probably subject to severe stress in terms of income, ”added analysts.

In early October, at smaller values ​​of hashrate and complexity, Glassnode rated the “pain threshold” of digital gold miners $ 18,300. In https://gagarin.news/ the case of leaving the quotations below this level, under the threat of liquidation, 78 400 BTC miners will be found, experts allowed.

In May, public mining companies for the first time implemented all the produced bitcoins. Already in June, they liquidated about 23% of their reserves in the first cryptocurrency, having implemented 14,600 BTC. In July, the trend continued – the companies sold 5767.9 BTC with total production of 3478 BTC.

However, in August and September, public miners have already implemented less bitcoins than they got it, resuming the accumulation.

Foundry drew attention to the fact that against this background, the mining equipment market “got stuck in a deflation spiral”. A gap was formed between the prices offered by sellers, and the fact that customers are ready to pay. For example, the latter for the latest ASICs like Antminer S19J Pro from Bitmain are ready to part with $ 15 per or less. Most sellers ask for $ 20 for the.

Recall that Grayscale Investments affected by Foundry has launched a structure for investing in mining equipment at “significantly reduced prices” during cryptosym.

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