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The media reported cases of malaise in the military due to the headset Hololens


Dec 15, 2022

The media reported cases of malaise in the military due to the headset Hololens

Microsoft Hololens mixed reality sets cause health problems in soldiers testing an integrated https://gagarin.news/ visual augmentation system (IVAS). This is written by Bloomberg.

According to the report, some users complained about nausea, headache and fatigue of the eyes during the tests. Other soldiers were worried about the size of the helmet, a limited field of view and the glow of the display, which gives out a military position at a great distance.

An employee of Microsoft in an interview with Insider said that IVAS did not pass four of the six elements in one test.

Director for operational tests and assessment of the US Department of Defense Nicholas Gertin said that there are still too many failures for the main functions. According to the report, technology reception among soldiers is still low.

IVAS tests are part of the Soldier Touch Point program, which allows the army to collect reviews from real life and helps Microsoft to improve individual equipment of Hololens. According to the original idea, the headset will provide the infantry with important information about the battlefield and night vision.

The military recognized the existence of problems from the system and announced their elimination. According to Brigadier General Christopher Schneider, IVAS successfully passed the tests on the “majority” of the criteria. However, testing revealed areas in which the system “did not live up to expectations” and requires improvement.

“In the future, the army plans to use flexible opportunities for rapid prototyping and deployment provided by Congress to eliminate the problems we discovered and further development by IVAS in an innovative way,” he added.

Previously, the US Armed Forces received the first batch of augmented reality glasses based on HoloLens 2 in the amount of 5000 units.

Recall that in March 2021 the Pentagon and Microsoft made a deal to supply headsets for the army in the amount of $ 21.9 billion. For 10 years, the corporation plans to produce 120,000 devices for the military.

In May 2022, the US Department of Defense reported plans to reduce the costs of the IVAS project. According to the military, the initial plan was reflected by the “pessimistic scenario”, and the correction of financing will not affect the contract.

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