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Associated with the alleged hacking of the FTX address resumed activity


Dec 12, 2022

Associated with the alleged hacking of the FTX address resumed activity

Realized with the withdrawal of FTX funds in the amount of more than $ 400 million, the account began the exchange of assets for Ethereum (ETH), paid attention to PeckShield.

First, 21,155 ETH ($ 27 million) from three other addresses, also involved in the leakage of cryptocurrencies from the exchange, entered it.

Then this account, called FTX Accounts Drainer marked HEIST [robbery], approved the DAI stabilcoin for GPV2Vaultrelaer from Cow Protocol.

After that, a number of swaps took place for a total of ~ $ 48.3 million:

  • 3 million DAI for 2358.29 ETH;
  • 5 million DAI for 3907.29 ETH;
  • 10 million DAI for 7783.33 ETH;
  • 10 million DAI for 7773.82 ETH;
  • 10 million DAI for 7785.43 ETH;
  • 10.27 million DAI for 7959.04 ETH.

Following the account exchanged 7420 BNB for 1500 ETH (~ $ 1.9 million) in the BNB Chain ecosystem and transferred funds to Ethereum via Cross-Most.

This was followed by new swaps in the BNB Chain ecosystem:

The latter amount was sent to Ethereum via Cbridge by Celer Network and Stargate Finance and exchanged for 5564.83 ETH. On the network of the second in capitalization of cryptocurrency, ~ 4 DAI are translated.

Recall, the maternal company FTX, ALAMeda Research and about 130 more affiliated firms filed a bankruptcy statement on November 11.

Bloomberg skeptically appreciated the possibility of investors and clients of one of the largest crypto -streaks of their losses. The approximate “hole” in the balance of the platform is at least $ 8 billion.

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