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Testing semi -automatic strategies


Dec 23, 2022

Testing semi -automatic strategies

In the process of developing a service with trading robots, we thought, why not choose a strategy for an ordinary hodler, which bought a little coins or tokens and holds them on the exchange. Or threw the maximum into the landing. We test various options, estimate the yield, draw conclusions.

We make something really simple for people far from trading, but with low profitability and relatively small risk (risk and profitability can always be increased).

At the same time publicly test your own developments, show yourself, but see people.

Chose the most “suitable” moment when the market is falling, and it is not known how much more will fall 🙂 But if everything works out, and do not dissolve the liquidation, then the system is working.

  1. Deribit Exchange. Why? We like the technical side of working with them. Well, we are their partners :).
  2. Fouche trading (attention, no matter how scanty is risk, is still the likelihood of liquidation, you need to be careful).
  3. Bidding go with robots with a grid of orders. It is DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging), it is also averaging and so on.
  4. Deposit 1 ETH.
  5. We sell microblies.
  6. We periodically check and adjust the work of robots.

First, only a purchase grid will work – a small net for 2% of the price overlap (2400*0.02 = $ 48 – the order will be placed on this segment). The size of the order is $ 1 (another reason why we love Deribit), we will put 50 orders by 2%. Profit 0.2% per cycle.

Such a small overlap is made so as not to gain an excess position, if the price falls by 5-10%, we will collect only 2% of the fall and a small position. A large number of orders in order to capture more fluctuations. Well, a small profit so that the grid is more often updated. And all https://gagarin.news/!

All settings will be adjusted during the test.

Try to set up a robot yourself (while we are developing a service, you can try absolutely free) – Robotrade.Online

Ask questions, chat and offer settings for robots in our small chat (pumpk) in the cart.

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