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Top managers of bitcoin companies gave forecasts for the market after FTX collapse


Dec 26, 2022

Top managers of bitcoin companies gave forecasts for the market after FTX collapse

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Against the background of bankruptcy of the FTX exchange, the “hole” in the balance of which amounted to about $ 8 billion, the leaders of cryptocurrency companies expect a further drop in bitcoin quotations until completely depreciation. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the consulting company BDC Consulting among 53 top managers of projects from different spheres.

On average, respondents expect that the price of the first cryptocurrency will stop a fall at $ 11,479. Only one respondent involves its growth up to $ 17,000 in the current situation. Three more did not exclude the fall in the cost of bitcoin to $ 0.

At the same time, according to 91% of the survey participants, FTX problems https://gagarin.news/news/how-are-trading-volumes-useful-in-cryptocurrency-analysis/ will not affect the binding of stablecoins to the dollar.

The study showed that more than half of the top managers are going to increase investments in cryptocurrencies and do not plan to reduce them.

66% of respondents will expected the portfolio over the next month. A third of the respondents will not take any active actions.

Respondents were also offered to name the scope of the crypto, which is the safest and the maximum growth potential in the current period.

The most popular answers included Defi, infrastructure solutions, GameFi, Bitcoin and DEX .

Analysts noted that the identified areas are one of the largest projects presented in them, according to Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and Cryptoraank.

BDC Consulting offers special attention to paying infrastructure projects. In addition to the fact that they have high capitalization, their 30-day decline is the smallest among other cited spheres.

“Even with a general panic, the current decline opens up the investment opportunities with which the respondents intend to use by expanding their positions on the cryptorrhist,” said BDC Consulting analysts.

Recall, according to the venture investor and billionaire Tim Draper, the price of bitcoin will reach $ 250,000 by the beginning of 2023, despite the collapse of the FTX crisis.

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