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Uniswap will not support the potential Ethereum Pow cars


Sep 19, 2022

Uniswap will not support the potential Ethereum Pow cars

Uniswap protocols will not support any Ethereum forces on the Proof-OF-WORK (POW) algorithm after The Merge. This was stated in the Uniswap Labs organization project.

The project team noted that Ethereum migration for the Proof-OF-Stake algorithm will create potential problems for the work of the TWAP price oracle in the third version of the protocol.

At the same time, the possible launch of the Pow (of the network of the second cryptocurrency capitalization network during the update can open a new attack vector on Uniswap by implementing a re-resolution to transfer of funds.

“Ultimately, these are small problems, and it is worthwhile to figure it out, given the advantages for the entire ecosystem. No Vasil for Now: We are waiting with excitement and impatience!” – concluded the developers.

Recall, in support of potential Pow cars, Ethereum refused a number of large industry players, including the analytical company Chainlink, the Ethermine mining pool and the NFT marketplace Opensea.

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