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The alleged developer Tornado Cash was arrested in Amsterdam


Oct 7, 2022

The alleged developer Tornado Cash was arrested in Amsterdam

Law enforcement officers of the Netherlands arrested a developer allegedly related to the Tornado Cash mixer.

29-year-old man was detained in Amsterdam. He is suspected of involving money laundering and concealing criminal financial flows through a cryptocurrency mixer.

In June 2022, a division of the financial information and investigations of the Netherlands (Food) began a criminal investigation against Tornado Cash.

The department believes that the mixer was used to conceal large criminal financial flows obtained as a result of the theft of cryptocurrencies during hacks and fraud.

“These advanced technologies, such as decentralized organizations that can contribute to money laundering, receive additional attention from Fiod,” law enforcement officers said, without excluding further arrests.

According to some reports, we are talking about developer Alexei Pertsey. This information has not yet been officially confirmed.

The arrested developer is Alexey Pertsev, writes The Block with reference to his wife Ksenia Malik. She noted that in shock from what was happening and is currently working with lawyers.

“My husband did not do anything illegal,” said Malik.

The representative of Fiod refused to reveal the identity of the developer.

Recall, on August 8, the US authorities entered the site of the mixer website, as well as related cryptocurrency addresses. According to the Office for the Control of Foreign Assets of the US Treasury, since 2019, funds have passed through Tornado Cash in the amount of at least $ 7 billion.

Subsequently, Circle has added to the USDC address of https://gagarin.news/news/what-is-the-rsi-indicator/ Tornado Cash wallets after imposed sanctions. Infrasty platforms Infura and Alchemy have limited RPC checks to Tornado Cash.

Dydx derivatives decentralized exchange has blocked user accounts that previously interacted with the mixing service.

After introducing Tornado Cash, the US Assets were reduced by 15%.

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