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Nexo denied the possible bankruptcy of the company


Oct 6, 2022

Nexo denied the possible bankruptcy of the company

Bankruptcy or insolvency does not threaten the Nexo cryptocurred platform. This was stated by the managing partner of the company Kalin methodyev.

During the AMA session, the founders of the method of methodians and Antoni Trenchev commented on rumors about the potential financial failure of Nexo.

Answering the question of whether the company “The next Celsius or Voyager” will become, the first directly stated:

“Insolvency, bankruptcy in no way in reality Nexo. We believe, we hope, we are striving and very hard to work to ensure a strong and stable future for our users. “.

He denied the similarity of the position of the platform with two of the above projects.

In addition to his commentary, Trerenchev emphasized that Nexo is absent in the list of creditors of the collapsed Terra and Three Arrows Capital, unlike Celsius and Voyager.

In September, a number of US regulators have charged Nexo. The author of the podcast Dirty Bubble Media Mike Burgersburg noted the opinion of departments: there is the only asset between bankruptcy and the company – its own token. The platform owns a significant volume of Nexo, and the collapse of prices can negatively affect its financial stability.

According to the independent Armanino audit site, obligations in the amount of 186 188 BTC (~ $ 3.7 billion) are more than 100% provided with assets at the disposal of Nexo. However, no details are given in certification.

When asked whether the company intends to provide a breakdown by type of assets in reserves, methodys replied that https://gagarin.news/news/jp-morgan-considers-the-ability-to-make-loan-settlements-using-blockchain/ they strive for transparency, but take into account the problems of confidentiality.

“The greater disclosure of information we can provide, the better for the community, users and persons who make investment decisions. We would continue to increase transparency, but must make sure that this does not reduce our competitive advantages, ”he said.

Recall that in June Nexo expressed a willingness to redeem the loan portfolio of the bankrupt Celsius.

The platform also began the acquisition of another competitor encountered with financial difficulties – Vauld.

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