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In Puerto Rico, the co-founder of Makerdao Nikolai Mukhyan died


Oct 11, 2022

In Puerto Rico, the co-founder of Makerdao Nikolai Mukhyan died

29-year-old co-founder MakerDao and DAI Nikolay Mukhgyan was found dead in Puerto Rico.

According to law enforcement officers who lived in the San Jose of a young man in the morning on October 28, he was carried away by the flow on the beach of Kondado. When he was discovered, he did not show signs of life.

The day before, the programmer wrote a strange post on Twitter. He announced the intention of the CIA and Mossad “torture him to death”.

Dylan Lekler from Bitcoin Magazine drew attention to the fact that Mukhgyan had already declared such threats.

Back in August, the co -founder of MakerDao suggested that he was persecuted by the special services The top five wealthiest , since he “poses a threat to the Cartel Central Banks”. The reasons for suspicion were a number of incidents like the fall of a tree near the house and an accident with a pipeline.

The founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson recalled that he had known Mukhgyan since the Bitshares project.

“He was a very young and extremely smart person who had a very wide range of interests, from the theory of games to Urbit,” Hoskinson added.

According to him, Mukhgyan had a good education and deep knowledge of blockchain technology.

Recall that in 2021 on the coast of Costa Rica in the Pacific Ocean drowned an early investor in Bitcoin Mircea Popescu.

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