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Hakaton will take place in Ukraine to create projects for the victims of the war


Oct 13, 2022

Hakaton will take place in Ukraine to create projects for the victims of the war

From September 6 to September 9 in Kyiv, Kyiv Tech Summit Hakaton will be held in Kyiv, whose participants will create Web3 solutions to combat the consequences of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine in Ukraine.

Among the directions of https://gagarin.news/ development:

  • restoration of destroyed communications and infrastructure;
  • counteracting a large -scale misinformation campaign by the Russian Federation;
  • overcoming the migration crisis;
  • providing humanitarian aid in the field.

The event is held by the UNCHAIN ​​charity foundation.Fund, decentralized autonomous organization UKRainedao and social metavselnaya Atlantis World with the support of Web3 companies.

“After a full -scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, there was a need for instruments and decisions for a systematic response to a new reality,” the organizers said.

Participants will be able to join Hakaton, including online mode. At least 250,000 developers will receive an invitation, including top representatives of the crypto community. You can also apply for participation on the Summit website.

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, who had previously sent Donaters in favor of Unchain, has already paid attention to the event.Fund.

Kyiv Tech Summit sponsors and partners will be NEAR, Aurora, NYM, ARAGON, CONSENSYS ACADEMY, Amazon, Celo and a number of other companies and blockchain projects.

The organizers remaining after the payment of cash prizes will send the affected mothers and children of Ukraine through virtual charitable cards based on cryptocurrencies Unchain Help Card.

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