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In the UK, they called to prohibit police to use persons recognition


Oct 7, 2022

In the UK, they called to prohibit police to use persons recognition

British police must prohibit the use of person recognition systems on the streets, airports and any public places. This is stated in the report of the Center for Technology and Democracy to the Minder at the University of Cambridge, writes The Guardian.

Researchers examined the two points of deployment of biometric identification systems in London https://gagarin.news/ and one in South Wales. According to the author of the Avani Dixit evano report, minimal ethical and legal standards are not observed on all three locations.

“In order to protect human rights and increase responsibility for the use of technologies, we must wonder what values ​​we want to implement in technology, as well as move from high -level principles to practice,” the researcher said.

According to the report, the operation of the police recognition system does not include many well -known methods of safe and ethical use of large -scale data systems.

“This problem goes far beyond the bias of the face recognition algorithms,” the researchers say.

In 2020, the Capital Police Service hired a scientist from the University of Essex Pia Fassi to check the previous tests of the biometric identification system. The researcher denied law enforcement agencies about 70% of the technology efficiency. According to Fassi, the indicator amounted to only 19%.

The researcher called the recognition of persons in real time a powerful and obsessive technology, which has real consequences for human rights.

“The fact that in 2020 the Court of Appeal directly stated that the South Wales police are using this technology“ illegally ”makes it difficult to approve its further operation,” Fassi noted.

The scientist added that law enforcement officers often have to independently make decisions on the use of persons, since the governments that replaced each other could not form the legislative framework.

The South Wales police said that after losing in court, they improved the system of biometric identification. In total, the technology helped to arrest 61 suspect.

“Our goal […] is to ensure social security and help us in identifying serious offenders,” said assistant to the chief constable Mark Travis.

The metropolitan police service noted that their powers arise from the general law recognized by the courts.

Recall that in May the authorities of Great Britain fined ClearView AI $ 9.5 million for illegally extracting images of citizens from social networks and the Internet.

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