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The Hester of the Institution: Gnossis Safe attracted $ 100 million, and Animoca Brands rating reached $ 5.9 billion


Oct 17, 2022

The Hester of the Institution: Gnossis Safe attracted $ 100 million, and Animoca Brands rating reached $ 5.9 billion

The cryptocurrency industry is attracted by an increasing number of institutional players. This is evidenced by new investments in infrastructure and more close attention, which companies show to bitcoin as a class of assets. The most important events of the last weeks are in the FORKLOG review.

GNOSIS SAFE attracted $ 100 million and rebranded

The SAFE digital asset controls, previously known as GNOSIS SAFE, attracted $ 100 million during the round of strategic financing.

It was headed by the 1KX crypto fund, among the 63 participants are Tiger Global, a&T Capital, Blockchain Capital, Digital Currency Group, Greenfield One, RockAway Blockchain Fund, Parafi, Lightspeed, Polymorphic Capital, Superscrypt, a number of other companies and individual investors.

The raised funds will receive Safe Ecosystem Foundation – a non -profit organization standing behind the development of the project.

The community voted for creating a fund and a platform separation from the Maternal company GNOSIS LTD in April.

5ire attracted $ 100 million to the development of sustainable blockchain

5ire registered in Dubai, it closed the round of financing of the series A for $ 100 million when estimated at $ 1.5 billion. The received funds will be directed to the development of blockchain friendly to the ecology based on Proof-OF-BENEFIT.

Round led the SRAM conglomerate & Mram. The company plans an expansion to Asia, North America and Europe, maintaining basic operations and the focus of development in India.

Proof-OF-BENEFIT is based on stimulating practices associated with the UN General Assembly for sustainable development developed in 2015.

The launch of the main network is scheduled for November 2022.

Halborn startup focused on cybersecurity attracted $ 90 million

The startup of Halborn, based in Miami, closed the round of the ARSIS AT in the amount of $ 90 million.

Summit Partners performed the lead investor with the participation of Castle Island Ventures, Digital Currency Group and the Brevan Howard Head Fund. Startup did not reveal his assessment following the results of the round.

Halborn Executive Director Rob Benke emphasized that the orientation of the project on cybersecurity “gives him some immunity to cryptosim”. He also drew attention to the activity of hackers aimed at digital assets.

Halborn is currently working with Coinbase, Solana and Ava Labs. Experts also advise Amazon, BNY Mellon, Nike, family offices and venture investors on risk reduction.

Animoca Brands attracted $ 75 million when estimated at $ 5.9 billion

Animoca Brands blockchain-game operator attracted $ 75.32 million. The company’s preliminary rating reached $ 5.9 billion.

Financing was a continuation of the January round, during which the company raised about $ 359 million. The deferment for the second tranche caused the need for additional checks of compliance.

Among those supported by Animoca Brands companies: Kingsway Capital, Alpha Wave Ventures, 10T, SG SPRING LIMITED PARTNERSHIP FUND, GENERATION HIGHHWAY LTD, CosmImit Investments Limited and Liberty City.

The company will direct the funds raised to finance further strategic acquisitions, development of products, obtaining digital property licenses and promoting an open metavselnaya.

Hidden Road attracted $ 50 million from Castle Island Ventures and other investors

The landing and brokerage platform for institutional investors Hidden Road closed the round of the AS financing AS for $ 50 million. It was headed by Castle Island Ventures.

Investments were also provided by Citadel Securities, FTX Ventures, Uncorrelated Ventures, Greycroft, Xbto Humla Ventures, Wintermute, Sln Capital, Profluent Tradeing, Coinbase Ventures and Corner Capital.

The platform developed by the startup provides risk management in real time and unhindered lending in different products and classes of assets.

The Hidden Road line includes a prime-brider, clearing and financing using traditional and digital assets.

Square Enix supported the ZEBEDEE FINTEKTETETE in the round of $ 35 million

The FINTEKTETAP ZEBEDEE fainted industry has attracted $ 35 million during the round of financing of the series B. It was headed by Kingsway Capital, the press release said.

The funds were also provided by Final Fantasy and other video games studio Square Enix, The Raine Group, existing investors Initial Capital and LakeStar.

ZEBEDEE is focused on the gaming sphere and allows the game developers to integrate support for the support of the Lightning Network bitcoin network.

At the beginning of 2021, the startup showed this opportunity in the Valve Counter-Strike: Global Offensive shooter. Players could receive rewards in Bitcoin for participating in online matches.

The developer of Web3-IGR Planetarium Labs attracted $ 32 million

Singapursky Web3-Startap Planetarium Labs, focused on gaming, closed the round of financing of the series A in the amount of $ 32 million. It was headed by the developer of the NFT-IGR Animoca Brands.

KRUST Universe, an investment unit of the KAKAO Korean technological giant, South Korean developer of the Wemade and Samsung Next video game, also participated in the round.

The startup plans to launch several games together with the “large gaming studios of the Asia-Pacific region”. Planetarium Labs also intends to expand the team from 25 to 40 people.

Hashflow attracted $ 25 million from Coinbase and Kraken

The Hashflow decentralized trading platform closed the round of financing of the series A in the amount https://gagarin.news/news/how-long-does-it-take-to-mine-one-bitcoin/ of $ 25 million. The company’s rating reached $ 400 million.

Участниками инвестиционного раунда стали Coinbase Ventures, Kraken Ventures, Electric Capital, Dragonfly Capital Partners, LedgerPrime, Jump Crypto, Wintermute Trading, GSR, Kronos Research, Altonomy, Fabric Ventures, Evernew Capital и другие.

The attracted funds will be directed to “continued scaling, regardless of market conditions”.

Hasflow plans to start on the SOLANA blockchain and offer structured products until the end of 2022.

Inflection Points Anthony Pliano attracted $ 12.6 million

Anthony Popliano, related to Morgan Creek Digital, the Inflection Points recruiting company (previously Pompcryptojobs) closed the round of funding by $ 12.6 million and announced the absorption of the competitor Proof of Talent.

Investments were provided by Wiel Capital Peter Til, Fifth Down Capital, Xyz Fund, Rose Park Advisors, Blockchange, Third Prime, as well as a number of business angels.

The company has improved the level of qualifications and contributed to the emergence of work for 4,000 specialists in the industry. Since the beginning of its work, the company has reached positive profitability and received investments after the income has reached “seven -digit numbers”.

Closed by Proof of Talent, absorbed by Proof of Talent for more than 40 startups. The terms of the agreement are not reported.

The Optic NFT Contain recognition project attracted $ 11 million

The OPTIC startup engaged in NFT authentication using artificial intelligence technology attracted $ 11 million during the sowing round of financing.

It was led by Kleiner Perkins and Pantera Capital. Among the participants: Greylock Partners, Lattice Capital, Opensea, Circle, Polygon, CoindCX, Neon Dao and Flamingo DAO.

Optic will send funds to create a basic AI infrastructure and expand the team. The project will launch new tools for digital artists and NFT collectors, as well as a public API for Web3 developers.

The company was founded in 2021 by the ex-director for Google products Andrey Doronichev, programmers Roman Doronin and Vlad Vinogradov. Startup is developing an AI submarine to recognize the content of NFT.

Optic states that millions of collection tokens are processed daily, comparing them to determine the authenticity. Automated monitoring tools notify the results of marketplaces, brands and owners of NFT.

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