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Protect yourself from crypto mesh – take a test!


Oct 28, 2022

Protect yourself from crypto mesh – take a test!

Despite the enhanced security measures, crypto -rhizas and user awareness of crypto -meshs do not sleep and come up with more and more skillful schemes. We have collected the most popular (and dangerous) techniques of scammers that you may encounter in the world crypts.

Check how well you recognize the fake and distinguish https://gagarin.news/news/here-comes-the-new-heist-horizon-bridge-lost-100-million/ the promotion from the scam. Who will outwit anyone – scammers or you them? Pass the test and get not only useful training for caution, but also $ 5 with a bonus as a reward from Bybit for your efforts!

*The remuneration is credited in the order of the queue until the prize fund is exhausted, the crediting is carried out only once for each UID, to obtain a bonus, you must be registered by the BYBIT user.

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